Women revolutionaries in business for over 20 years

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Source of Entrepreneur on the occasion of International Women’s Day3 Congratulations to all the women who are leaning towards entrepreneurship to discover financial freedom and flexibility.

Recognizing the value of women in leadership roles, TES co-founded Women Empowered by Business 6 with Lori Tyll and Judy Stoleson more than 20 years ago to help women business owners succeed. WEBB provides opportunities and resources designed to educate, empower and enlighten women as they pursue business ownership.

TES, the country’s leading career coaching franchise, helps women and men who are at the crossroads of their careers. TES provides an education-based approach to help people set goals for their income, lifestyle, assets, and equity. A career ownership coach helps those people discover whether they want to take a new job in the corporate world, start a business from scratch, or invest in a franchise.

Heidi Simos, a TES trainer from Florida, is promoting women entrepreneurship and education by hosting a virtual panel on March 11 as part of National Women’s History Month. “Women + Franchise = A Winning Combination,” will feature stories from US Small Business Administration, Score, Benetrend’s Financial and TES female leaders. SCORE is one of the largest network of free small-business consultants

Empowered women own business

The number of women running a business is increasing. According to the latest data from the US Census Bureau, in 2019, 20.9% or 1.2 million of the businesses were owned by women. Data were collected from 300,000 employer businesses to determine the latest results. Other studies suggest that the number of women-owned businesses may be much higher. Based on extrapolated data and estimates of gross domestic product, a 2019 American Express report revealed that female entrepreneurs accounted for 42% of all businesses, up from only 4.6% in 1972.

Women are following entrepreneurs to take responsibility for their careers and achieve the American dream. Women are naturally born leaders and have the innate ability to build strong relationships and develop employees. A study by Boston Consulting Group found that if women and men participated equally as entrepreneurs, the global economy could rise to $ 5 trillion.

Franchising puts women in the driver’s seat

Franchising plays a significant role in the number of women achieving American dreams. There are at least 753,770 franchisees in the United States, and women own or co-own about 265,000 locations. Women entrepreneurs who follow entrepreneurs through franchising offer a proven business model with brand recognition, training and support. The franchisor provides a set of methods that the business owner can follow to achieve self-sufficiency.

“Transferable skills are very important for franchising. Women are good at organizing and prioritizing, and they have a detailed focus. Women also have effective interpersonal skills. Many women run households, and those skills are what you need to run a household,” said Simos.

Women’s business ownership hit in 2020 as the epidemic forced many women to stick to their dreams of helping their children when schools closed. The number of female franchises is increasing with the reduction of epidemics. According to a survey of 8,453 female franchises conducted by Franchise Business Review, at least 32% of all franchises opened in the last 24 months were owned by women.

Sarah Johns, a franchise owner at Patrice & Associates, leans towards entrepreneurship to balance her career aspirations and family commitments. In the early stages of the epidemic, Johns was overwhelmed by his childcare responsibilities and employer demands. Working with a TES career coach helped him discover his Career 2.03.

“I need to have more control over my schedule, life and family,” Johns said. “My main goal was to find something that would allow me to work from anywhere on my own terms and schedule.”

International Women’s Day 2022

TES 2022 is pleased to celebrate the achievements of women entrepreneurs in highlighting International Women’s Day. International Women’s Day is celebrated in March every year and was officially launched by the United Nations in 1975 to celebrate the achievements of women worldwide.

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