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Career Ownership Coaching from The Entrepreneur’s Source3 Brian gave Stranco the tools he needed to pursue his passion for financial independence and wildlife conservation in Africa.

Stranco devoted his career to helping the planet as a conservation leader. Most recently, he worked as a strategist and fundraising consultant for African nonprofits as they struggled to secure funds during the epidemic. He has worked for 11 years for the conservation of nature as the director of a nonprofit water program in California.

Inspired by the decline in wildlife tourism during the epidemic, a new nonprofit organization launched in July 2021 to accelerate conservation efforts. Instead of relying on tourism funding, Afri-Vet hosts online veterinary and wildlife care education programs created by staff at the African Wildlife Sanctuary. The videos are designed to increase the sanctuary’s resources and provide scholarships for low-income Africans. Afri-Vet’s mission is to raise awareness for care for the promotion of wildlife veterinary medicine and conservation.

After spending his career in the nonprofit industry, Stranco knew he needed to secure a steady income stream to be able to achieve his goals and support his family. Jim Dolibar, a career proprietary coach জন্য for the source of entrepreneurship3, Helped Stranco discover a new way to achieve the American dream. “I wanted to be able to get some kind of Plan B,” Stranco said. “Jim [Doliber] I fully understand the need to continue my work with my non-profit organization and to find a suitable business. “

Dolibar began his coaching career in 2019, spending more than 25 years in corporate jobs in product and real estate management and franchising. Her past experience in franchising has helped her understand the importance of helping entrepreneurs discover Career 2.0.3 Which achieves their goals.

TES coaches help open their minds to new possibilities. The country’s leading career coaching franchise uses an education-based program to help people identify their income, lifestyle, assets and equity ™ goals for financial independence and self-sufficiency. “It simply came to our notice then. It’s nice to see it again and understand how I work, determining my interests and my likes and dislikes, “said Stranco.

In addition to gaining financial independence, Stranco envisioned a future where he could continue his role as executive director of Afri-Vet. His new career path was also needed to offer flexibility and take his conservation approach further. In addition to his career as a conservationist, Stranco has three daughters who keep him on his toes. To stay grounded, his family prefers to spend time traveling together. Although current events have forced them to stick to their travel plans, the family remembers their last vacation at an eco-lodge in Playa del Carmen, Mexico, where wildlife is seen.

After conducting in-depth research and relying on his coaches to focus on his goals, Stranco has signed a franchise agreement with No-H2O, a unique, on-demand car wash chain. No-H2O uses an eco-friendly, waterless technique to clean and detail the car. The business model includes a pop-up location or mobile service in the parking lot via an on-demand app. In the last five years, No-H2O franchises have saved more than 5 million gallons of freshwater environments. Stranco praised No-H2O’s business model because it offered a practical solution to the growing water shortage in California. The waterless solution of No-H2O also prevents dangerous chemical leaks, which are common in traditional car wash areas.

“No-H20 is a neat idea. They are brand new to the United States, “said Dollyber. “The idea is in line with Stranko’s vision.”

Stranco signed a franchise agreement with No-H20 earlier this year, and its employees plan to focus on business development and management from its home office while providing customers with waterless car washes in Walnut Creek, California.

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