Why the face of the swimsuit is changing forever

For decades, the beach was seen as the home of the fit and slim. Who dared to carry an imperfect body in the sand? Fortunately, the idea that you need a ‘beach body’ before enjoying yourself in the sun and surf is running out. Across the world, we see that women (and men) at all levels reject the notion that they need to see or act in a certain way before they can go back, have fun, and relax.

The changing face of the swimsuit

A big driver of this dive into the variety of swimwear is the changing look of fabric and suit construction. Where once the challenge was to create a piece that would cover you and dry quickly, today we have a lot of high-tech fabrics in our hands that can be made to dry quickly and measure as much as we want. .

And people want beach clothes that do whatever they want. Everyone’s beach goals are different after all. Some have laziness on the sand, some have a severe surf itch to scratch, and others want to have fun without worrying about harsh UV rays. Finding the perfect suit for your needs today is easier than ever. And beach lovers from all walks of life are capitalizing on this new diversity.

Pro-Sun, anti-UV movement

Although the sun can burn long hours in the 90’s, we have made some progress since then. Today more people than ever before are aware of the dangers of skin cancer and how to increase the risk of both excessive sun exposure. Melanomas And premature aging.

Enter UPF cloth, stage right. This new class of fabric works like SPF, but for our clothing, not our skin. UPF ratings give you a strong idea of ​​how much protection each item gives, giving you peace of mind in the sun no matter what you like to wear.

From hats to rashguards and clothing, UPF Anti-Sun Fabrics is a brand new beach accessory for kids and adults alike.

Water sports faucet

The string looked good on the bikini cover Sports illustrated, But for serious swimmers, it doesn’t do much. As women, in particular, become more active in air- and water-sports, the demand for practical, swimwear that is safe and unrestricted, has only increased.

The iconic face of surf culture, the rashguard, just the tip of the iceberg. Today you will find swim shorts of all sizes, ankle-length swim pants and many other sport-centric swimwear to enjoy. Why worry about flashing the beach if you take a roll from your board, don’t you?

The need for diversity

How do you get a beach body? You take your body to the beach! Gone are the days when women didn’t feel comfortable bringing everything in the world, they had to hide under umbrellas after wearing maxi dresses.

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Even the ‘basics’ of women’s swimwear have evolved extensively. Today you will find a wide range of both one- and two-piece styles open to you. Cutouts, raffles and even compression technology allow you to emphasize your resources and if you prefer a traditional suit, draw attention away from your sore spots and a whole host of colors and styles allow you to show off your personality. From minimalist Beach Queen, there’s something for everyone.

But those days are gone when you had to fit the suit, instead it suits you. If the idea of ​​wearing a traditional suit doesn’t rock your world, you don’t have to adapt or give up. Today you will find a wide range of alternative suite types and styles, suitable for embracing everyone in their comfort zone. Don’t like the display? Flattery Women’s swim shirts Like a covered bottom in hand? Boy-cut and flower swim shorts, even women’s board shorts, are all back. A two-piece appealing idea, but a bikini looks too much off the skin for comfort? Tankini on your back! Even religiously humble people can use Burkini and similar fashions to enjoy a day at the beach.

The defining trend of beauty after the 00’s is to embrace the distinctive expression and meaningless harmony that makes you unique. It is nowhere to be seen as a humble swimsuit. With the massive evolution of beachwear, there is something flattering, trendy and comfortable for those who want a great swimwear. Whether you dare go empty or want to be covered, you are bound to look great. Today, the only downside is choosing the many beautiful options!

What is your favorite swimsuit type? Don’t forget to let us know in the comments!

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