What is a tennis bracelet? And how much is it?

In addition to diamonds, the tennis bracelet itself is a permanent style, popular since the 1920s when they were called “eternity bracelets”. The tennis bracelet became popular again and is named after American professional tennis player Chris Evert.

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Favorite tennis bracelet is a classic jewelry with an iconic design, often using diamonds as the main stone.

In its simplest form, A tennis bracelet consists of a string of diamonds of the same size, cut, color and precision, arranged side by side in a simple, dense setting, Create a full and soft bracelet that fits comfortably around the wrist.

Why is it called a tennis bracelet?

Tennis bracelets have become popular again since the 80’s, thanks to American professional tennis player Chris Evert. She wore an expensive diamond bracelet at the 1978 US Open, but the bracelet suddenly fell off while playing.

Chris was told to stop the match until he got the bracelet immediately, So the whole audience saw her looking for a diamond bracelet, Which was probably the best commercial of all time! Since then this type of bracelet has been named tennis bracelet.

“I never got a free tennis bracelet, and I think I had something to do with it [the name]”I just dropped my bracelet on the center court of the US Open, and that’s when they called it a tennis bracelet,” he told AOL in 2018.

Chris is a legend. She has won 18 Grand Slam women’s singles titles, including 7 French Open women’s singles titles. He has a career record of 1,304 wins and 144 defeats, a 90% win percentage, the second highest of any professional tennis player.

How much is a tennis bracelet?

The price if a tennis bracelet really depends on the materials. If you choose a white gold diamond tennis bracelet, it may cost you more than $ 10,000. In the meantime, if you carry diamond options like mysonite or white crystal, it costs less than $ 200.

How to choose a diamond tennis bracelet?

A beautiful diamond is needed for a beautiful diamond tennis bracelet. Each diamond in a tennis bracelet should not only be of high quality, but of the same size, cut, color and clarity, without any deviation.

In terms of carats, we think you can try 2-3 carats to 5-7 carats. A 2-3 carat diamond tennis bracelet looks delicate and elegant, while a 5-7 carat diamond tennis bracelet looks shiny and luxurious.

It is not recommended to choose a 1 carat diamond tennis bracelet, Because it looks very thin on the wrist and it is still quite expensive. You can also wear a white gold bracelet without diamonds.

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How should a tennis bracelet fit?

For a more comfortable experience, it is advisable to choose a bracelet that will easily fit in the joint area of ​​your wrist and hand. If you can easily insert a finger between your wrist and bracelet, Then this would be the perfect size for you.

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Many luxury jewelry brands like Tiffany, Cartier, Harry Winston have launched their tennis bracelet collections. It’s actually a simple but classic style. If you think diamond tennis bracelets are too expensive, try diamond alternatives like mayonnaise instead. In short, you don’t have to worry about this bracelet going out of style.

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