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Veteran2 Empowerment (TM)

The source of the entrepreneur3 With over 100 career proprietary coaches (R) across the USA, returning to civic life helps veterans create a new course and achieve their unique American dreams.

TES, the nation’s largest and well-established (founded in 1984) career coaching franchise, builds a unique education-based coaching system, equipment and resources to help veterans seek corporate jobs, start a new business from scratch, or follow the franchising. . TES coaches help people find opportunities that are consistent with their personal income, lifestyle, assets and equity goals to determine new futures. Our coaches help people learn how to translate their skills, strengths and personal interests into business ownership.

Veteran2 Entrepreneur provides valuable services

TES joined the Department of Defense in 2012 to advocate for those who have served our country by launching their Veteran 2 Entrepreneur program. As part of this initiative, TES coaches are experienced in providing free education and coaching services and are committed to helping their families. Trainer experts help explore entrepreneurs without any cost or obligation.

Veterans Excel at Franchising

With a strong qualification and interest in franchising, distributorship, dealership and other proven entrepreneurial frameworks, TES has seen veterans engage in highly motivated and unique TES educational journeys. With a familiar military transfer date from a year ago, clients in the military community discover and make it clear that they really want to be professional in five years. Active duty, veterans, and military wives discover and explore different possibilities.

Veteran-owned businesses employ 5.8 million Americans. Veterans account for about 7 percent of the U.S. population, yet 14 percent of franchise veterans, the International Franchise Association reports. Veterans spend their time in their service developing critical thinking, leadership and management skills, which makes them great candidates for business ownership.

In addition to being confident and inspiring, they have mastered the art of taking advantage of a proven system, making investing in a franchise an ideal option. Seniors learn to deal with high stress situations when they are off the field, making them ideal candidates for careers in the service industry. Having franchisor support helps business owners to ramp up quickly with action plans for success. It is difficult to compete with a franchise whose large proprietary community has respected and optimized their business model over the years and whose scale economy allows each business owner to access the best practices in the industry.

After spending years in various hot spots around the world, many experienced individuals are looking for a flexible career that will allow them to spend time with their families. We trainers prefer many experienced mobile businesses that allow them to conduct back-office operations from their home office. Staying close to home balances their careers which they lacked during their military careers.

“Elders want freedom and autonomy to run their own careers, improve their lifestyles and make a difference in their community. Many want to control their daily routine and stay close to home, ”he added.

In her four-year coaching career, TES has helped countless veterans find a new path to their future. Two of his experienced clients open a home inspection business, the other opens a carpet cleaning franchise. “Military veterans feel comfortable managing different systems and processes in high-pressure situations with different teams. They do well in franchising, ”he said.

Resources for veterans

When working with a TES career proprietary coach, there are many resources that can only be explored for the experienced.

  • The Transition Assistance Program, or TAP, is a partnership between the military and the US Small Business Association. TAP provides information, tools and training to ensure service members and their spouses are prepared for the next steps in civilian life.
  • The Veterans Business Outreach Center offers classes in 22 locations for veterans considering business ownership. They offer a two-day boot-to-business class for veterans only, and a one-day reboot for veterans and their wives.
  • Small Business Development Centers are located in each state and provide management support to current and potential small business owners.
  • SCORE provides small business advice and training to entrepreneurs through the SBA office, and its volunteers help empower entrepreneurs to succeed.

Learn more about TES
If you are looking for a new way, contact a Career Ownership Coach 6 to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information on TES, see www.entrepreneursource.comOr see our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3

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