Universal Basic Income or Investing in Yourself?

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Over the past four decades, many countries, including Finland, Canada, the United States, and Brazil, have discussed and debated the Universal Basic Income (UBI) model.

Many hard-working Americans are upset by the clash of politicians with big governments, tax breaks for the rich and increased protection for low-income citizens.

In the past, a college degree and a corporate job provided a reliable income for the average American family. Today companies are cutting costs by relying on job outsourcing or automation abroad, layoffs and job insecurity. The clock economy created by a shrinking middle class is forcing many Americans to work for a frustrating salary in a job that does not match their skill set.

Invest in yourself

The government will not wait for the implementation of new programs to achieve financial independence. Invest in yourself by jumping from employment to empowerment to achieve self-sufficiency and the legacy of a long-term generation.

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