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Follow your American dream

“I came to this country as an immigrant, and now I am a normal citizen and business owner. I am literally living the American dream.

Renেনে Grazালles and his wife Matty relied on resources provided by The Entrepreneur Source.3The country’s leading career proprietary coaching (TM), to follow the American dream of business ownership.

Born in Panama, Renেনে met his wife while in college at the University of Tampa in Florida, where the couple both graduated with an MBA. During their 25 years of marriage, the Renেনে family lived in Panama and Puerto Rico before moving to South Florida. Renেনে got a taste of business ownership early in his career when he owned a food import-export business that sells a variety of products in Panama supermarkets.

“As part of my business, I have been working on Panama exports. The country has become my biggest market, ”said Renেনে. “I realized that if I could do it successfully, I could do something.”

After spending some time in information technology, Renেনে concentrates on sales with companies such as Iron Mountain and Staples. Although he was successful in his career and became a naturalized U.S. citizen in 2015, a lot of business travel took a toll. He was tired of missing important milestones and wanted to spend more time with his family. At the same time, Renেনে realized that he had to follow a new path to provide a financial inheritance for his children. One of the couple’s three children was autistic, and Ren’s corporate paycheck had an expiration date. “We wanted to create an asset that could survive for all of our children, especially Carlos,” Ren র said.

Coaching guides clients for a better future

When TES Career Ownership Coach Susan Mel contacted Ren, she decided to explore new possibilities for self-sufficiency and financial independence. TES instructors use education-based techniques to help people discover a new path. Mail helps its clients determine their income, lifestyle, assets, and equity ™ goals. He holds his clients accountable for their goals as they explore whether they want to secure a new corporate job, open a business from scratch, or pursue entrepreneurs through franchising.

“Susan was very diligent in taking care of everything that needed to be followed and completed. He has a great network of assets, “said Renee.” Having access to someone who knows the business makes everything easier and smoother. You don’t have to find everything by yourself. “

Mail began his coaching career about 21 years ago after selling a successful wireless business. “Coaching is a great way for me to help people for free. I am able to guide them in their future career adventures, “he said.

Coaching helped Renেনে and Mattie explore and define ownership opportunities that did not meet the family’s goals for their Career 2.03. They need to find a scalable business to help them create wealth for their families. With their goals in mind, Renেনে and Mattie began looking for a proprietary opportunity that would allow them to use Ren র’s sales skills and Mattie’s skills in real estate and interior design.

After considering numerous opportunities, the couple decided to continue owning the business with an iTrip vacation in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. iTrip is a home-based, short-term asset management company. As part of its approach, iTrip relies on proprietary software to help rank conversions top of online searches to improve booking conversions. iTrip features are listed on popular online vacation destination sites, such as Airbnb and VBRO, as well as at least 78 other booking sites.

The Grazalles family had experience relying on property management companies for their homes in Florida, Panama and Puerto Rico. They appreciated the peace of mind provided by someone else by doing legwork. “ITrip allows our customers to have a different holiday experience that they will always remember – a memory. At the same time, we can help property owners increase revenue through maximum occupancy, rental rates and local communication in case of any problems, ”added Renেনে.

As an added bonus, the couple was able to secure their retirement by financing their venture and getting a loan from the US Small Business Administration. “SBA’s great perseverance is great. They pay people who can pay it back and who will work for it, “said Renেনে.

June marks the beginning of National Immigrant Heritage Month, a time when the country celebrates the history and achievements of the immigrant community across the United States. We applaud all the immigrants in the country who have created a new course for their families.

Open your mind to new possibilities
If you are ready to open your mind to explore new possibilities for your future, contact a career ownership coach to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information on Susan Mail, click here. Learn more about TES at, or check out our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03 A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3.

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