The Internet is a new way of marketing

TikTok’s explosion has changed an example in marketing. Changing how businesses and individuals can create trends around content, services, products and personal brands.

With over 1 billion users, TikTok surpassed Google to become the world’s most visited domain in 2021.

As a leading platform for sharing video content, TikTok’s user base is on an upward slope. One of the main reasons for this growth is its effectiveness in creating a sense of community among users. Through TikTok, users and creators share content in the form of business updates, entertaining skits and snippets of everyday life that bring people together.

For many businesses, this has changed the expectation of money involved with the audience. While other platforms promote marketing perfection, TikTok allows imperfections, which often build strong relationships between producers and viewers. How well you establish your brand and build relationships with customers will depend on how well you take advantage of TikTok.

An algorithm that is always one step ahead

Under TikTok’s hood is a sophisticated AI algorithm that makes it particularly easy to reach and capture viewers compared to other social networks. According to TikTok business pioneer Shay Lee and Ayesha Mohammed of Elite Tier Academy, algorithms are one of the most comprehensive platforms for visibility metrics.

“Because of TikTok’s AI algorithm, the content is so accurately curated that it shows what you’re naturally attracted to,” Lee said.

Mohamed agrees, saying, “It’s so good at showing your content to the right people that it eliminates the need to spend on targeted advertising.”

Shark Tank billionaire Mark Cuban is on TickTock and says, “TickTock has spent millions on their app, it was not a viral sensation. What makes them better than any other app is their artificial intelligence.

Many companies and large corporations have ignored the growing social media platform, believing it to be a trending network for teens. But that is not the case. The Business of Apps Tik Tok Income and Usage Statistics (2022) survey found that only 28% of TikTok users are under 18 years of age, with 35% aged 19-29, 18% aged 30-39 and 19%. More than 39 years. .

TikTok’s user base includes a wealth of its young audience, including professionals, business people, entrepreneurs and adult consumers. Based on these statistics, a good first step in growing your business with TikTok is through the misconception that the platform is entirely a non-professional destination for kids. Your target audience also has a better chance of being there.

Impact starts with the brand story of your business

Through TikTok’s ability to connect with users, consumers nowadays expect relevance, authenticity, and even vulnerability in the way they interact with content.

Start by creating your own picture on TikTok with your unique brand story. Include information about how and why your company started and where you want to end up as a company.

To get the initial level of land in your business niche, creating a hashtag library can be helpful.

As New York Times bestselling author and marketing expert Neil Patel writes on his blog, the process can be straightforward: “If you don’t know which hashtags to use, type a relevant, broad keyword into TikTok’s search section.” When you do this, TikTok will suggest a range of hashtags associated with what you’ve typed. “

While hashtags are important, they shouldn’t be central to your TikTok strategy. The key to building your brand on the platform is to transform your audience into a community through storytelling. After that, you keep up the pace with explanatory videos, reviews, success stories or the inside look of your creative process. Hashtags take you to the right algorithm, but the brand story and audience base you build keeps your business relevant.

Spectral over substance

TikTok can be a game-changer for the marketing business as the platform hosts relatively less competition. Although being in an unsaturated market does not mean that smooth sailing is guaranteed.

One thing to keep in mind when using TikTok for business is that a scene can be exactly this: a scene. Getting viral and getting a ton of views may sound like your ultimate goal on TickTock, but like any other marketing content, the quality of views and followers is paramount.

Joining TikTok purely with the intention of viralising content that does not properly represent your brand sends a false message. You will isolate potential loyal followers and fail to communicate the detailed possibilities of your business.

Many of the followers you collect may be interested only in specific videos, not in your products or services. It hits the long-term growth of your business on the platform. Everything you post on TikTok should be aligned with your business goals. Gathering perspectives and followers can be exciting, but it’s a way to end up.

With the right TikTok strategy and compelling content, companies will have a better chance of achieving this same level of success in their own accounts.

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