The Great Ownership Revolution (TM) provides flexibility and financial independence

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The great resignation is provoking the Great Ownership Revolution (TM) among Americans who are searching for flexibility and financial independence.

When the epidemic closed offices and forced people to work from afar, many hardworking Americans discovered an improvement in flexibility and greater work-life balance. It has given people time to consider their future and discover a new need for greater control over their personal income, assets and equity holdings. Many Americans realized that their current role was making them feel hurt and hurt because their companies were carrying out responsibilities without paying extra compensation.

With the epidemic receding and offices reopening, many adults have come to the conclusion that they are not willing to give up their new freedom and flexibility. Spending more time on the home front has given them the opportunity to rethink their future and they are leaving their jobs for better pay, cash incentives and more benefits. In 2021, 47.4 million Americans will leave their jobs. As a result of the mass exodus, Anthony Klotz, an associate professor of management at the University of Texas A&M, coined the term “The Great Reginance” in a Bloomberg article. While the great resignation is forcing businesses to rethink how they treat their employees, the gap between rich and low-income workers is widening and middle-class Americans are paying the price.

New Year’s Eve reveals data that supports the traditional 9 to 5 move away from jobs. Terry Powell, the visionary founder of Entrepreneur Source3, Correctly predicted mass resignation will provoke a great ownership revolution last year. Americans are stepping out of the corporate rat race and discovering the benefits of entrepreneurship. About 5 million new business applications were submitted from January to November 2021, up 55 percent from the same period in 2019. In addition to helping owners provide a legacy for their families, the small-business boom is encouraging the community to create new jobs.

TES is the country’s leading career coaching franchise. Powell founded TES in 1984 to empower researchers to pursue their dream of self-sufficiency through business ownership. Career Ownership Coaches: Help Americans Relieve the Pressure of Their Old Jobs and Discover a New Future. Our trainers help guide them on the journey from employment to empowerment. Regardless of your level of experience or skill set, our one-on-one education-based coaching allows people to focus on achieving the American dream at no cost. TES coaches help their clients set a new path to discovering their goals আয় income, lifestyle, assets, and equity. We try to hold them accountable for fulfilling their dreams.

TES was recently named one of the Top 500 Franchises of 2022 in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Franchise 5003Ranking the world’s most comprehensive franchise, with a strong track record of helping people find their Career 2.03.

Ranked # 1 in the category: Business Coaching and Counseling

“What could be better than taking control of one’s own life?” When you own your career, no one can take it away from you. You decide how high you go and how you spend your time, ”Powell said.

Career ownership coaching can help you when you are at a turning point in your career. TES coaches give people the tools they need to decide whether to take on another corporate job, start a business from scratch, or invest in a franchise. Franchising gives an entrepreneur the opportunity to open a business with a proven track record, brand recognition and support. Franchising helps to pave the way for people from all walks of life to become entrepreneurs. Approximately 26 percent of franchises are owned by people of color, vs. 17 percent of independent businesses. In addition, black-owned franchises earn 2.2 times more than their independent counterparts.

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