StaffAny Review – Labor Optimization App

I first learned about StaffAny when they were still in stealth mode. I can’t remember exactly when but I saw Eugene’s LinkedIn (a co-founder) and it said in his latest experience – “Stealth mode for upcoming HR technology”.

Occasionally I would check in whenever I remembered but a few months later the news came before I could find first hand about a public announcement.

The foundation of StaffAny may not seem revolutionary but anyone in the F&B industry can tell you that the point of pain that StaffAny is trying to solve is real.

The industry usually has to be open for long hours on any given day to capture maximum traffic. The main challenge is hiring the right staff throughout the day.

Much more staff and increases your costs. Very little and you may have to take the business back.

Behind the financing of their series in January, led by GGVC (who have invested in Grab and Mei Tuan), the Forbes 30 Under 30 Award and the locally acclaimed Spirit of Enterprise Award, they were kind enough to extend their trial to the highly sought after product for my road test.

And I did not hesitate to seize that opportunity.

First impression

Honestly, I’ve seen a lot of HR tech apps in my lifetime. Where I will pass the verdict almost immediately within 2 seconds of seeing the UI.

Lots of superficial but my verdict didn’t prove me wrong even when I dive deeper into them.

Consumer-grade apps are not just a must-have. See how fast we install (and uninstall) apps that don’t meet our expectations.

The last thing any organization wants is a big white elephant because one needs to read (and remember) a one inch thick user manual to learn how to navigate the interface.

StaffAny has definitely spent a lot of effort to get their UI right. Clear and flat vectors from attractive colors that feature well-designed apps.

These are important factors because their target users are likely to be mobile natives in the early 20’s They do not have the patience to spend 20 seconds on how to turn on the app.

Another thing they’ve included is something I want to have in all apps but it bothers me why so many don’t.

And that is the guided walkthrough.

Since new users will be unfamiliar, it takes a lot of friction to show them everything from coming and going and expecting things out of them.

A good way to do x or y is to guide them for the first time in a linear journey. This is a friendly way to welcome users to a platform.

Although I need to highlight that the app looks intuitive enough even without a guided tour. It doesn’t seem scary at all.

No wonder they are working with clients like LiHo and Cedele!

Business Impact – Cost

One thing I quickly realized in the StaffAni application is the focus on cost optimization.

Across the app, there are nuggets of features to help with that

An example of this is in the scheduling tab, it tells you the cost of your labor in real time.

Features that include seeing your productivity ratio in real time also include bringing in your predicted sales.

It is strong in this day and age where labor costs are rising due to inflation and it gives businesses the power to trim unnecessary headcounts.

I was told that this was the main reason for the arrival of salad stops and flash coffee as a user of StaffAnny

I’m sure they’ll be able to save that cost and tap their part-timers faster and better than others!

Business Impact – Gains productivity

Translating these roster schedules into pay is still the most important item.

Staff work to match any scheduled time, and live punch cards to create a timesheet!

This information contains the history and audit paths of all managers, which can prevent most internal trust issues and help shorten the payroll process.

With the Open API, they can integrate with other software such as Talenox, Payboy and HReasily to facilitate seamless transfer of rostering data for pay-run calculations.

Integration with BrioHR, Swingvy and BIPO is currently in progress.

Business Impact – Optimizing Manual Manpower

While efficient roasting and cost reduction are the pillars of any F&B business, we all face a living epidemic of our own in the face of the post-Covid manpower crisis and this is the third part of F & B’s operational puzzle.

This is where I was really impressed by StaffAny’s ingenuity. They have created 2 levers for supervisors that allow them to champion this problem with existing staff instead:

  • Multi-outlet schedule So businesses can now share the same pool of casual labor across their outlets and
  • Its creation ‘Mass Grab Function’ For part-timers where you don’t have to worry about completing your last-minute shifts (with 1 click, the system sends a request to the staff pool to capture the shift).

This is a feature that is widely used by the likes of Kiosk Collective and Ippudo Ramen and is here to stay in my opinion.

This is a great way to deal with the manpower crisis by building an internal pool of workers and taking advantage of a more flexible workforce as needed!

Pioneer HR professionals will know how to reduce this overhead and become a powerful recruitment tool for full-time employees!

Areas for improvement

Here are 2 feedback I would like to give to the StaffNee team!

And that’s probably because I’m used to the iOS environment. I think shift timing can be setup the way sleep schedules are currently.

You show an analog clock and you now swipe around it to define parameters instead of toggling two separate components.

Another thing I can think of is a leadership board that probably encourages employees who are on time and other behaviors that employers want to run in order to be aligned for an optimal activity.

Considering how young employees enjoy games, a gamified app can drive behaviors in a positive way.

First of all, I think we can do a little more in terms of performance management!

I think with the change in your boys, it’s really easy to go for employee feedback and peer reviews and it will really help HR in employee performance management! The 360 ​​response per employee per hour is not strong, but I think you are in the best position to do it!


In conclusion, I think HR leaders should consider digitizing your HR operations so that we can optimize labor costs and focus on what is important in the current HR climate of the current labor costs and manpower crisis.

StaffAny is kind enough to give my readers a 20% discount (Promotional code: SA_Adriantan)

And StaffAny is completely free for all businesses under 25 HeadCounts!

Because they are confident that they will help you raise more than that and then payback for both parties can happen with joy.

Let me know what you think and if you agree with my comment!

All the best team Staffani!

It’s great that a Singapore-based HR tech firm has been able to fly our flag high in the region.

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