Quick hack for 10 agency success

By Solomon Thimothy, President of OneIMS. Solomon is on a mission to help many entrepreneurs start and scale their businesses. Connect with him Themothy.com.

At least digital marketing can be irresistible. It can be a double-edged sword for ambitious entrepreneurs.

On the one hand, there is a lot of information and ways to run your business, which can sometimes be frustrating or annoying. On the other hand, if you are a creative person with drive and perseverance, your business growth ideas can be virtually unlimited.

Here are 10 quick and easy tips to help you grow your business this month! Start implementing these within the next 30 days and you will see possibilities that you never imagined before.

1. Build an online business.

There is nothing more impressive for your customers when you go live through the Facebook community, YouTube, Instagram or any other social platform. This allows participants to ask questions in real time and get to know your brand in a real sense.

2. Increase website engagement.

Ask yourself: What do my audience count on to help their business? Regardless of the savings, providing free tools to evaluate their required number of customers or their ROI, clients and potential clients their current quantitative numbers will prove to be extremely beneficial.

3. Draw in more customers.

The leader in losses is your in-house products that customers will buy at a cheaper price before they are sold on your superior ticket package or offer. Focus on advertising one thing that everyone needs to win as a losing leader strategy.

4. Use skills to build more business.

If you want to understand the psychographies, demographics of your target market and really their wants and needs then Quora is the place to do it. On top of that, you can advertise your products on pages that discuss solutions like your proposal.

5. Create free promotions for your organization.

HARO (meaning “help a reporter”) is a place for journalists looking for hard-hitting information on topics that may be relevant to your organization. This can be huge for your agency as it is completely free and allows you to position yourself as an expert

6. Create quality leads.

If you are a small agency, look for large networks that allow you to advertise at low cost. This may include Quora, Pinterest or even Reddit. Find out where your audience is most likely to hang out and start getting people to the door!

7. Get more traffic to your website.

Gone are the days of writing brand new blog posts. Today, it is much more popular to create YouTube videos, podcasts, and audio snippets in written form for your viewers to view.

8. Discover more possibilities.

Using data scraping sources (such as Yelp) to find potential lead information. Think about finding contact information within LinkedIn, or any other reputable directory so that you can send one email after another to leads who are interested in working with you.

9. Create more opportunities by providing valuable knowledge.

Consumers want more value before they make a purchase, and in today’s content-driven world, it’s easy to give them away. Ask what kind of content you can put together that will take your customers one step closer to their ultimate goal.

10. Grow your email list.

You want people to give you their email address so you can set up an automated email nurturing order before they finally decide to buy from you, right? Give them a reason to exchange it! Think of a tool that your customers will use for themselves and entice them enough to email them for it.

Start small and expand.

Before you go out like a kid at Christmas with a new bow and arrow, choose the tips that will have the most impact on your organization. Pick two or three from there and execute them this week. You will not get results right now, but if you have the right team, knowledge and perseverance, the return of your efforts will be fruitful in the end.

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