Put these 4 growth strategies on your radar

Every business wants to grow. But actually shutting it down and maintaining momentum is where it gets clever. Growth marketing strategies and tactics provide companies with a way to sustain expansion beyond the acquisition stage. They look at the whole sales funnel, nurturing customer relationships for a long time.

As for the sales funnel, it is the Pirate or AAARRR (awareness, acquisition, activation, retention, revenue and referral) funnel that forms the basis of various growth marketing strategies. No matter what stage of the funnel these techniques are addressed, there is one thing in common Increased marketing strategies deliver customer-centric and real value. Here are four things you should keep on your radar.

1. Create compelling content

Content creation is one of the key aspects of growth marketing because it can be extremely effective in attracting customers. Content is often tied to the awareness and acquisition stage at the top of the sales funnel. Because blog posts, podcasts, white papers and online videos are the way potential clients learn about your business.

Yet content is everywhere, and standing out from the crowd is a real challenge. While this doesn’t mean that your brand content needs to project a weird personality or adopt flashy strategies, it should be mandatory. Your target audience needs a fundamental reason to get involved. That reason may be entertaining, but it may also be because your content provides useful advice and relieves people’s frustration.

Effective content marketing campaigns also take perseverance and repetition. Content marketing is not a quick win strategy. It takes time to build a following and establish trust and credibility. You’ll also want to experiment with different formats and channels, such as digital newsletters and social media. Based on engagement results, you’ll see which formats and channels are best for reaching your audience.

2. Offer free tools or platform access

Different software companies perform this strategy well. So make subscription-based platforms for online music and other streaming services. These companies offer something for free, offer trials or use freemium business models to attract interest.

This method reduces the hesitation of people to try your product or service because it removes the risk factor. When something is free, a potential customer has nothing to lose. If they don’t like your brand’s offer or discover that it’s not for them, they can move on without losing money. In addition to removing the risk factor, the possibilities of offering free tools or access provide a preview of the value of your product or service.

Say you are an SEO research company. That means your potential customers need help optimizing their online content. Free keyword research and topic tools help you solve lead problems by finding the right keywords and target content. These tools introduce future customers to the potential of your platform in a way that a sales presentation cannot. Complimentary access demonstrates your offer’s ability to effectively address clients’ pain points in real time.

3. Advantages of personalization

Personalization at the activation and retention stage of pirate funnels can work wonders. Potential and existing customers want to know what a brand sees as their person. Research from McKinsey & Company reveals that 76% of consumers say personalized communication is an important factor in considering a brand. And 78% of buyers say that personalized communication or content makes them more likely to buy again.

Personalization can help keep prospects and customers engaged and cement their loyalty. Customized emails are one way to implement personalization, but creating a personal shopping experience is another. You can integrate technology into e-commerce sites to adapt the online shopping experience based on past and present behaviors. Personalization tools can help increase conversions, reduce cart abandonment, and allow customers to place more orders.

The use of personalization technology does not have to end at checkout. The key players in the retail landscape specialize in after-sales personalization with customized shipping and delivery notifications. Retail giants are also bright to send emails with product recommendations. These suggestions are usually based on what customers see or buy online. The key is not to overdo this outreach and to give the right time so that the memory and motivation of the buyers is effectively triggered.

4. Implement the referral program

Referral programs are built based on the loyalty of existing customers and the strengths of influential people in the same industry or space. Through referrals, customers and influencers increase your client base for you. They express their love for your brand and share how useful your company’s offers are to them.

While brand love is real, referral programs usually capitalize on one or more motivations. One referrer may want to help a friend, the other will be attracted to the opportunity to save money. Others will be driven by getting something valuable for themselves and a friend. Yet another source of inspiration is support for charitable or social causes. Influencers may be persuaded by one or more of these inspirations, but they are also looking for opportunities to increase their visibility.

Classic incentives include bill credits or purchase discounts for existing clients and their referrals. For example, existing customers and their referrals may receive a one-time 50 service credit. Other ideas include free product samples, grants to charities of their choice, bonus loyalty credits and complimentary services.

Increased marketing plans for the future

The goal of Growth Marketing is to increase revenue now and in the future. The results you see immediately may be incremental, but they may help you maintain your long-term sales goals. It’s not just about acquisitions.

Growth marketing methods provide real value throughout the client’s entire journey and encourage them to stay. Attractive content and free tools can bring in potential customers However, what your business does after and during the purchase, such as personalization, helps your brand grow.

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