Prudential Jaslyn Ng about rejecting $ 250k HRD package and getting an insurance

Jasleen NG is a former compensation and benefits leader for companies such as DHL, Sodexo, Coca-Cola, Du Pont and Archroma.

In 2017, he took a shake of faith in joining the insurance industry after rejecting a quarter of a million packages to become a global HR director.

This is due to the mother’s guilt as well as the recurrence of the health condition.

He has since made improvements in insurance and is currently the director of financial services, including Prudential Assurance.

Interestingly, many members of his team are also former HR professionals!

You can also find out more about her at IG

What we discussed:

  • Necessary to excel in the role and features of compensation and benefits (empathy is a huge need)
  • The 20-hour workday physically broke him
  • The mother’s crime occurs when her daughter develops severe pneumonia
  • What makes him the insurance industry (the NLP event he attended was the main trigger
  • And many more.

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