How to revive the crypto world

Kevin O’Keefe is the founder of Gitcoin, a financing platform for Web3 projects that builds for the public good. He is on a mission to accelerate funding towards the most influential world-positive projects. He has written a book for that purpose Greenpild: How to revive the crypto world.

I recently sat down with Kevin to discuss the book and his journey as the founder of Web3. This interview was edited for brevity and clarity. If you want to watch the full video interview, Click here.

What is Green Pill and why should I take it?

It’s up to you whether you want to take it or not. But the green pill is a story about how crypto can resurrect the world.

How do we build a world where we can sustainably solve our contemporary challenges? I believe that crypto can be a shelling point for building more information-age organizations that fund everyday people and help our public. What if we could use blockchain technology to create more coordinates and solve synchronization failures? So is the idea behind the book Greenpild: How to revive the crypto world.

I am the founder of Gitcoin, a 63 million fundraiser for open source software projects for our digital infrastructure. So, we’re actually putting these ideas into practice on Gitcoin. The purpose of the book is to educate people on how to apply it to their own projects.

Help me understand the four-way fund.

Gitcoin grants have been built on top of this method called quadruple funding, which sounds scary, but it’s actually very simple. This is a way to match the contributions of the crowd with the funds raised in a pot With Gitcoin grants quarterly, we have $ 3 million that we’re providing, and we’re matching contributions from the crowd.

The way the quaternary fund works is that the dollars matched are the total amount raised based on the number of contributions to a project. So, if you have a grant that raises $ 100 from 100 contributors and I have a grant that raises 100 from one contributor, you actually get 99% of the combined pool because you are supported by a broad base of contributors. This is really powerful. Even a 1 contribution can be combined with 10, $ 100 or sometimes even $ 1,000 because of the four-way funding formula.

So it’s a way to push grant programs from a central grant administrator who decides if your project is worth financing to your colleagues in the ecosystem. The Gitcoin grant is a proxy for how many people in the Web3 ecosystem respect your project. And it’s a more democratic way to fund grants in your ecosystem.

The 14th round of Gitcoin grants runs from now until June 23. If you want to contribute to Web3 projects that benefit the public, you can go to and test them out there.

How does the Web3 framework, such as Impact Decentralized Autonomous Agency (DAO), adapt to social and environmental challenges?

Blockchain is the foundation on which we can build solutions to these problems.

  1. These are transparent, which means I don’t have to be someone working at the Fed to become an economics engineer who can solve these coordination failures.
  2. These are immutable, which means they cannot be tampered with.
  3. These are worldwide, which means that anyone with special privileges like me, a middle class white person living in the United States, has equal access to the Internet with people around the world.
  4. These are programmable, which means you can build on top of them.

I define an Impact DAO as any Web3 project that has a positive outlook in the world. Impact DAOs use these tools to bring greater transparency and efficiency to what NGOs and nation states are already doing. Since these global coordination failures are a systematic risk to humanity, we should throw away what we have received from them.

Here are some examples of Impact DAO:

  • KlimaDAOপ্রকল্পA project that tokenizes carbon credits and then allows Web3 projects to offset their carbon emissions through those tokens.
  • Proof of humanityপ্রকল্পA project that maintains a registry of unique people in the Etherium blockchain and then sends tokens to them as Universal Basic Income (UBI). UBI gives people a stable income that allows them to pursue meaningful work. In fact there are some people in Latin America who are out of the UBI from the evidence of humanity.
  • Gitcoin– At Gitcoin, we’ve raised $ 62 million for open source software. In a world where open source software provides $ 400 billion a year in economic value, this is a drop in the bucket. But we still think it’s a significant start.

In our book ImpactDAOMe and my co-author Ale Borda List more than 100 different projects that are trying to launch Impact DAO and are in the concept and seed stage execution stage.

I would like to back up a bit and ask how did you get into the Web3 space yourself and how did you end up with GitCoin as your project?

In my career as a Technologist, I have been a Software Engineer / Lead Engineer in various startups for the last 12 years. I have hired about 45 software engineers. During that time, I learned two things about Web2 era startups.

One, many employers are just buying a $ 100 LinkedIn subscription per month and then selling those engineers to me for a ,000 30,000 placement fee. So I aim to isolate employers.

Two, open source software is at the heart of everything we ever create in software. And those who are creating open source software have no way of paying for the open source software that they are doing.

So, we have created Gitcoin as a tube through which open source software developers can get coins (for pun intended) for their work in open source. I started Gitcoin in 2017 with some money made in crypto. And fortunately, it’s off. Now 350,000 software developers are making money on Gitcoin. Everyone in the ecosystem needs software developers, so we’ve teamed up with software developers. That’s how I got into the Web3 space.

But it was for me to build and try to value the people who work in the ecosystem. It warms my heart when I meet someone at an Ethereum conference and they say we have opened a door for them. Or, they survived a difficult time in their lives because of some of the money they made in Gitcoin. This kind of impact on people in the ecosystem is really strong.

What would it be like to see a world where Gitcoin is most successful?

I want to create a world where impact DAOs increase every income on the planet. So basically what we can do is not just give people a way to survive, pay their bills, pay their rent, put them on the table in their daily lives. Hopefully, we’re creating a systematic stimulus to support your Commons. Your commonalities are your local community — picking up trash or repairing things in your local community — or global commonalities like digital infrastructure and global public products.

We see Gitcoin as a meta coordinator to fund Impact DAO. In a world where we are the most successful, these Impact DAOs have been so successful that they are increasing every income on the planet.

So I think Web3 has the potential to do much better for the world. But for that to happen, we need to have an influx of capital and talent into Impact DAOs and projects that work regeneratively. At Gitcoin, we’re hitting the drum to make sure that talent and capital can find that effect in DAOs.

Can you tell me the difference between these two leadership styles: Command and Control vs. Sense and Response?

I am a realist at heart. And I think you should use the right leadership style for the environment you are in. But I have noticed that corporations are really good at moving firmly to one side. The boss says X will do it, and then everyone falls into line and collects their resources around X. This corporate model invented by the Dutch East India Company hundreds of years ago has taken us a long way.

A good way to think about leadership in the internet age, where things are moving really fast, is a network. Networks specialize in sensing and responding to local conditions on the ground. Control can be localized to people who decide what they really want to do. They decide in the pod of accountability which can turn into a network. It’s really a strong primitive, and the ecosystem that’s best for you should use that primitive.

So whatever I do, which involves a lot more to win the minds of software developers, I think better as a network model. And everything about Gitcoin is always focused on creating and supporting their open source software and public products. One nice thing is that I think it really speaks to the hearts and minds of many software developers and designers.

A network model where they are building software is a world that is changing rapidly This has been an effective way to increase Gitcoin. But frankly, we didn’t get everything out.

What do you want to know as the first web 3 founder? What advice would you give to Web3 founders?

At the moment, we as a company are in the midst of dissolving the Gitcoin grant and moving the Gitcoin grant ecosystem to a DAO run by its community. I definitely wish I hadn’t made it so centralized in 2017. However, if the founders have the right model for their project, they should consider creating their project as a DAO from the beginning.

Another thing I want to do differently is, in 2015, I bought a bunch of ETH for 70 0.70. Then it went up to 1. And I was, “Sweet! Free mountain bikes. I’ve sold everything, and I’ve bought a mountain bike. My friends know me as a $ 10 million mountain bike. So I was smart enough to buy early, but not smart enough to hold on.”

I want to do that differently. But I am very lucky to be able to do what I am doing. And I feel very blessed to be surrounded by a network of like-minded people who are creating and serving the feast of famine and famine in the blockchain ecosystem. So I am very lucky and very grateful to be here. Apart from these two, there is not much that I can do separately.

How to manage a multi-generational workplace

When managing staff of different ages, give a tip on how best to manage and customize employee engagement strategies?

To help you manage a multinational workplace, we’ve asked business leaders and managers this question for their best strategies.

From tailoring your message to suit every audience, from embracing non-tech team bonding, there are a number of tips to help you manage your multi-generational workforce in a way that benefits the company for all age groups and broadly.

Here are eight strategies for managing a multinational workplace:

  • The tailor’s message fits every listener
  • Develop a system to easily report concerns
  • Conduct surveys
  • Make employees feel valued and appreciated
  • Encourage intergenerational collaboration
  • Use VR to create a simple virtual environment
  • Keep learning from all age groups
  • Embrace non-tech team bonding

The tailor’s message fits every listener

With such an age-diverse workforce, it is important to use a variety of means to ensure that everyone is getting the information they need.

Try to use a mix of face to face, email and online communication.

And make sure your message is relevant to every audience – what works for millennia may not work for older employees.

Millennials and Gen Z prefer to get information in short, bite-sized portions, while the older generation may appreciate deeper communication.

By using different channels of communication and arranging your message in each group, you will be able to better engage all your employees.

Daniel Bedford, Kuppel

Develop a system to easily report concerns

Create a system where employees can easily report any concerns or problems they may have.

This can be done by creating an easy-to-use reporting platform or even just by having a channel where employees can express their thoughts directly to you.

Once you receive the reports, it is important to respond immediately and resolve the issue.

You can do this through face to face discussions, written memos, snap polls / surveys or inspirational lectures.

In addition, be sure to reward your employees for positively engaging with your company!

This will help them to feel appreciated and motivated to contribute positively to the team’s success.

Paw Road, Ltd

Conduct surveys

Finding out what motivates employees is one of the first steps in developing employee engagement strategies.

However, when working with different age groups, the reasons for inspiration can be very different.

One of the best ways to handle employee engagement is to conduct regular surveys.

Especially with a diverse workforce, survey management helps to better understand which strategies work best for the team as a whole.

Regular surveys help management understand how employee engagement is changing and respond to how all employees can be better served.

Jeffrey Petraeus, transient specialist

Make employees feel valued and appreciated

There is no one-size-fits-all approach to managing workforces of all ages, but here are some tips on how to best manage and customize employee engagement strategies:

Make sure all staff feel valued and appreciated.

This can be done by regularly communicating your company’s values ​​and making sure everyone understands and embraces them.

In addition, show gratitude for good work by giving promotions, incentives or other opportunities.

Travis Lindemoin, Nexus IT Group

Encourage intergenerational collaboration

While there may be some differences between different ages, it is important to encourage intergenerational cooperation.

It can help break down stereotypes and create a more integrated workplace.

When employees of different ages work together, they can learn from each other and build on each other’s strengths.

Encourage mentorship programs, cross-departmental projects, and team-building activities that bring together staff of all ages.

The more cooperation and understanding there is between different ages, the better your work culture will be.

Igal Rubinshtein, Home Essential Direct

Use VR to create a simple virtual environment

Virtual reality gadgets and technologies offer business managers an innovative way to encourage and customize employee engagement.

Through VR, it is possible to bridge the age gap of the organization by creating a simple virtual environment that takes into account the technical skills of each employee.

The VR mood also makes it possible to customize staff engagement so better collaboration on projects.

Gisera Matanda, WeLoans

Keep learning from all age groups

Be willing to keep learning. Just because they are your employees does not mean that you know everything about your business.

An older generation brings experience to the table, while the younger generation brings a new perspective and becomes more aware of the cutting edge.

Putting a front in which you know more about everything not only limits your chances of making yourself better but can also make your employees feel underestimated.

Maintaining a culture of openness and respect gives everyone in your company a voice regardless of age and gives you even more respect.

Mount Deere, Kizik

Embrace non-tech team bonding

With cross-generational workforce, it is important to remember that technology is one aspect that creates the most gaps between employees of different ages.

Whether collaborating or communicating on a project, technology is a barrier.

However, non-tech bonding allows all employees to communicate personally, thus creating chemistry that enables learning and effective teamwork.

Host at least two non-tech (if possible outdoor) team-building events and observe its positive impact on your workforce.

Ivy Bosibori, USBadCreditLoans

Terkel Expert insights create integrated community-driven content. Sign up at To answer and express questions.

Tips for running an international store

International trade is growing rapidly, and for a good reason. Consumers around the world are looking for quality products at a great price and businesses that can sustain them for success. If you want to start selling internationally or are already doing so, you can use some help to optimize your process, so read these seven tips.

1) Know your target market:

This may seem obvious, but it is important to do your research before expanding into new areas. For example, which product is popular in your target country? Is there any cultural sensitivity that you need to be aware of? Knowing the answers to these questions will help you better serve your customers and build their loyal, repetitive customer potential.

2) Make sure your website is international friendly:

Make sure your website can be easily translated into different languages ​​and the prices are displayed in local currency. You should have a customer service team who can communicate with customers in their local language. If you make it easy for customers to make purchases from you, they are more likely to do so.

3) Use trusted shipping and logistics partners:

It is important to work with a reputable shipping company when selling internationally. They can help you navigate customs regulations, ensure your products arrive safely and on time, and track your shipments, so you always know where they are. In addition, using a reliable logistics partner will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on other aspects of your business.

4) Offer competitive price:

Price is always a major consideration for consumers, so it is important to make sure you are offering a competitive rate. Consider shipping costs, duties and taxes when determining your price and confirm the value of your product accordingly. You don’t want to lose potential customers because your price is too high.

5) Has a LEI number:

You will need a LEI (Legal Entity Identifier) ​​number if you sell in the European Union. This is a requirement for businesses looking to sell goods or services in the EU and helps ensure that you are a legitimate company. You can apply for a LEI number through a recognized provider such as LEI Kart

See more

ruoyu li 1ScDjR MTG0 unsplash 1

6) Get acquainted with Incoterm:

An incoterm is a set of international rules that indicate who is responsible for what is shipped. There are 11 different incotorms, each with different effects for buyers and sellers. Therefore, it is important to understand which incotorm applies to your situation so that there are no surprises down the road.

7) Understand VAT:

Value Added Tax (VAT) is a tax levied on most goods and services in the European Union. VAT rates vary from country to country, so it is important to be aware of your target market rates. If you sell goods or services in the EU, you may have to register for VAT.

Following these tips can set your business up for success when selling internationally. Keep in mind that expanding into a new market takes time and effort, but it can be a rich experience. With a little planning and preparation, you can take your business worldwide!

Entrepreneurs share the most important features for a business trainer

Many entrepreneurs attribute at least some of their success to having a great business coach. Anyone can ask that difficult question and lend their experience and network if needed. But finding a business coach is not easy. Strongly involved in your business and personal life. To find a productive relationship, there are many reasons to consider.

Most importantly, alignment is a foundation on which a successful coaching relationship can be built, and therefore the desired traits between coach and client cannot be underestimated. I asked the entrepreneurs to tell the most important features of a business trainer and the responses fall into four sections.


Many entrepreneurs have mentioned the character traits of their coaches. Entrepreneurs are looking for qualities that make a trainer effective but also preferred. Kate Tompset of Happy & Glorious says, “For me, it’s about a personal connection. If I don’t like someone, I’m never going to do well with them!” I look for humor, empathy and encouragement. “

“Of course the characteristics are honesty and business acumen,” says trainer Alison Callan, “a difficult process and system for building a secure and confidential container that builds relationships and trust,” which must be explored.

Business psychologist Fiona Cairns believes that the key features are “honesty, strategic thinking and art insight.” Jason Rawls recommends “vision, empathy and tolerance” as well as more practical elements such as “experience, proven credibility, connectivity and network”.

Great character and interpersonal skills are a solid start, but it is clear that coaches must have other qualities to be effective. Some entrepreneurs firmly believe that business instructors must have personal success to guide them from a position of experience.

Personal success

Many trainers talk about their skills for developing success among entrepreneurs, it is best to cut through the noise. Many of the entrepreneurs I asked told me that they felt more comfortable working with an instructor who was a successful entrepreneur in their own right.

Entrepreneur Daniel Priestley says, “It’s unpopular to say, but I like that my coaches give results on their own.” He further explained that “they don’t need to build a billion-dollar brand or have thousands of employees but I want to see them succeed and have respect for their non-coaching achievements.” Is it enough for a coach to have a good coach or do they have to have their own success in business?

“If you don’t want a good speaker then find out they can’t walk. You want someone honest about their background, their challenges, their failures, their lessons learned, their personal victories. “I don’t work,” says Martin Norberry of Friday.

Finding someone with personal coaching success and moving away from the track record and experience relevant to your situation can be an added benefit.

Relevant experience

Knowledge related to running a marketing company is different from drop-shipping business or SaaS. Knowing the ins and outs of the automotive industry is limited to anyone operating in the hospitality sector. While this may not be a contract-breaker, some business owners highly reward relevant experience.

Ravi Davda from Rockstar Marketing has used a number of business coaches in the past. “I didn’t get much benefit when they were in a completely different industry or not doing what I wanted to do (which was managed by a successful marketing company). So I found that one. It worked incredibly well. “

Dr. Ayesha Iqbal “Looking for someone who walks the same path as me, understands my niche and is flexible towards what I can do. I don’t think coaches should have a size to fit everything because every business is unique. “

Field experience puts a coach in a strong position to give their clients more practical advice and counsel. Trainers may have more relevant acquaintances so they can take advantage when they can help the business grow.

However, not everyone agrees. Alison Callan isn’t looking for “just someone who’s where I was or where I want to go because I don’t want to emulate someone else’s journey but to create my own.” Instead, “I’m looking for someone who represents the same values ​​as me and my business.”

Share value

Perhaps the most emotionally expressed feature was the common values ​​for business coaches with their clients. “If you have a coach who believes in tough hosting, but your number one value is freedom, you can build a successful business, but you can’t create happiness,” Alexandria Maria suggested.

“Some business instructors point to just one model and you don’t consider it,” said Susie Ramprup, a mentoring coach.

Business Instructor Melita Campbell agrees, “They must be consistent with your business platform, values ​​and personality. While part of their job will be to challenge you to become your best, you don’t want to work with a business coach who uses techniques that don’t fit your style, personality, business or brand. “

Values ​​indicate many aspects of the coach-client relationship. Close alignment means a shared understanding of what success looks like on many levels. Sometimes, a discrepancy can be fruitful, enabling alternative worldviews and priorities to surface and consider. In terms of balance, entrepreneurs prefer harmony.

Finding the right business trainer is the difference between your successful snowballing and stalling on all plateau mothers. Before you sign papers or even start your search, understand exactly what you are looking for in your coach. Don’t be afraid to investigate their experience and the results they have achieved with others. The more time you spend talking to them, the more you will know their character and their values ​​and whether everything will work out.

EngageRocket Leong CheeTung on his way back to the office

Leong CheeTung is the CEO of EngageRocket, a fast-growing Asian People’s Analytics tech company that helps businesses retain talent and improve productivity.

Prior to becoming an entrepreneur, he was Gallup’s Regional Director for Southeast Asia. He studied economics at Cambridge University and has an MA in political science from Columbia University under the Singapore Armed Forces Overseas Scholarship (SAFOS).

CheeTung Hall is a Generation T honor for Asia Tetler, the young leaders who form the future of Asia, and Prestige Magazine lists them as one of the ‘under 40’ business leaders.

What we discussed:

  • Why are companies and employees struggling to get back into office?
  • Because companies are (still) reluctant to arrange flexible work
  • Will Singapore workers really follow the green pastures, should remote work be removed?
  • How to do flexible work properly (with examples of how Engaged is doing it)
  • And many more.

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How to write a resume for career advancement and promotion?

Are you ready to take the next step in your career? Whether you are looking for career advancement opportunities outside of your current organization or an internal promotion, your resume plays an important role in demonstrating your ability to take it to the next level. In most cases, you will only have one chance to showcase your talents and accomplishments. Therefore, make sure that you keep your best foot forward while writing your resume. This article will help you understand how to write a resume that focuses Career advancement And promotion using a few simple steps.

1. Set specific goals and learn the next steps

Before you start writing a resume for career advancement, you need to make the necessary preparations. Start by writing down your goal work and defining it. Without a clear career advancement goal in mind, writing a good resume and achieving your career goals is quite difficult. Career planning is essential at every stage of your career. The questions you need to ask to discover your goals include:

  • What elements of your work do you love?
  • What skills are essential for the position you want to pursue?
  • Would you prioritize your next position?
  • What do you want to achieve in your career?

Pixel Sora Shimazaki 5668801

2. Informative interviews are essential

If you are actively searching for career advancement opportunities but are not sure about a particular job or career path, then you need to meet and sit down with someone who is currently in your preferred position. Informative interviews will help you learn more about the day-to-day responsibilities that you should expect. This will help you determine if you are fit for the role. This is a great way to expand your network. Some questions you may find Restart the writing service And ask in informative interviews:

  • How do you get this done?
  • What are the key qualifications for a person in this position?
  • What skills are important to succeed in this role?
  • Which training experience do you find useful?
  • Who are your career models? Do you have a mentor who can help you achieve your career goals?
  • What is the top trend of this line of work?

3. Track your achievements

Most resumes go back about fifteen years. Trying to remember all your accomplishments can be a daunting task. It is impossible to go back more than ten years to remember your contribution to various projects without your very sharp memory. To avoid wasting time writing your resume, you need to track your accomplishments on a monthly or weekly basis. Keeping a journal should be at the top of your list. Some important information to record includes:

  • You are engaged in that initiative
  • Your goals and results
  • Outcomes to name a few are related to revenue growth, cost savings, and client retention
  • Promotion or improvement related to your advice
  • Contributions or achievements related to your current position.

4. Transparency is the key

One of the reasons millions of people fail to write good biographies is because they are trying to incorporate what they have done since they started working. Every skill, responsibility, technology and educational qualification can easily make your resume unreadable. If you agree to one of the following questions, you will need to revise your CV:

  • Does your document contain a lot of unnecessary information?
  • Are you focusing on efficiency rather than results?
  • Is your resume longer than two pages?
  • Have relevant skills or experience that you failed to highlight in your document?
  • Does your resume apply to many people?

The best way to write a good resume is to focus on relevant experiences, skills and qualifications that highlight your ability to succeed in the position you want to be in. Since your reader will not carefully review every piece of information you include, especially when reading your resume for the first time, you should make sure that all important information is included on the first page.

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Pixel Tima Miroshnichenko 5453818

5. Avoid passive language and obscure phrases

Your resume should include difficult milestones and outcomes that can be measured. If you want to impress your readers, you need to avoid generic or vague statements. Passive phrases will negatively affect how the reader perceives you. Instead of writing lots of “can do” statements, focus on relevant achievements that you can measure, such as cost optimization, budget management, and making the right decisions.

6. Include graphs or charts

With a graph or chart can make your resume different. A visual will not only break the text but will also grab the attention of your reader. Don’t be afraid to show your creativity. Some popular formatting ideas you should use include:

  • Bold numbers
  • Text box
  • Vertical text
  • Bullet list
  • Use color strategically and creatively


Most people fail to advance their careers because they do not know how to write a good resume. If you are struggling to write a resume that will impress a potential employer, you should seek the help of an expert. There are many online services that can help you achieve your career and personal goals.

The great unknown age 6 | The source of the entrepreneur

Says e-source

Future-proof of your career The great unknown age 6

You have possibilities, options and dreams. You can hug The Roaring 2020 Wherever possible, where brave entrepreneurs thrive in uncertainty, they live in abundance and project a bright future – or – you can develop The great unknown age 6 Swallowed up by the 24-hour news cycle, filled with fear, deprivation and defeat.

The great unknown age 6

It’s easy to get frustrated, but the future is bright for those who make a new course. News can be influenced by scenes of war, gun violence, and political strife, but if you look closely, there is plenty of innovation and creativity. With new technological innovations and financial vehicles that were never imagined before, we predict that the 2020s will roar as they did in the 1920s and bring new economic prosperity that was never imagined before.

Roar of the 20’s

Today we look back to the 1920s with red glasses and a daydream of living Downton Abbey. However, when you place a critical lens in that moment, it contains all the traps we see today. The 1920s saw an epidemic (Spanish-Fu), supply chain disruptions, economic policy squabbles, social unrest, electoral challenges and even large numbers of people moving from state to state. None of this, however, has deterred optimists from pursuing their dreams, and historians are celebrating the next economic boom.

Bright future

Innovators like Elon Musk, Whitney Wolf Hard and Jeff Bezos have not had much success climbing the corporate ladder. They took steps to prove the future of their careers and created the Tesla, Bumble and Amazon family names. It is up to you to take action to take responsibility for your career path.

“Many Americans feel hurt when they go to work in a job where they are underpaid, unappreciated and motivated,” said Terry Powell, the visionary founder of The Entrepreneur’s Source.3, The country’s leading career proprietary coaching. “Take a cue from some of the richest entrepreneurs in our country to secure your future and diversify your portfolio and prove the future of your career.”

The source of the entrepreneur3, Coaching the country’s leading careers, helping people fight uncertainty and fear by opening their eyes to the prospects of a bright future of coaching, self-sufficiency and financial independence. Education, awareness and discovery help to empower people to reach a point of clarity about their future. Career ownership coaching helps people who are feeling the pinch in the corporate world and can determine the way forward.

TES coaches help their clients determine their income, lifestyle, assets, and equity ™ goals. Once they have a five year plan, TES clients explore whether they can achieve their goals in the corporate world or to prove their potential as future business owners. Clients evaluate whether they are best suited for corporate America, starting a business from scratch or investing in a franchise will help them achieve their personal American dreams.

Secure future
Relying on a proven business ownership model helps eliminate some of the risks and helps people follow a process, train and run. Many people will buy from a franchisee but refrain from franchising as a business because they see fast food restaurants or convenience stores and take the price tag too high. The franchise industry offers low-investment, high-reward business opportunities designed for a variety of budgets. Home-based investments or mobile franchises allow people to start as owner-operators and scale their business within their own timeline.

The possibilities for people willing to consider a new path are limitless. A TES coach can help guide you on a big and bright tomorrow’s journey.

Learn more about business ownership
If you would like to join other entrepreneurs who are proving the future of their careers, contact a Career Ownership Coach জানতে to learn more about business ownership. For more information about TES, visit, or visit our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03 A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3

7 Employee hiring ideas that don’t cost too much

In general, most job seekers cite wages as the main reason for joining the organization. However, the main reason for leaving the organization is not usually salary issues.

This should not surprise anyone. In the end, it is more than just a payroll.

So outside of wages, other factors such as workplace relationships, the meaning of one’s role, one’s sense of contribution and achievement and how one is employed in an organization contribute to the success of retaining employees.

So it is not surprising that research has shown that companies tend to be more successful in retaining their employees by hiring their employees meaningfully and effectively.

Gone are the days when workers were an accessory to a machine or a sum of production lines. One worker did not know what the other worker was doing above or below the line.

Employees also do not know how their inputs contribute to the end result of a product.

In the modern day workplace, workers need to be aware of what their role is and why and how their role contributes to the business.

They need to be motivated. They must have a sense of accomplishment as well as achievement.

Some organizations believe that employee engagement costs money and distracts employees from their work.

This is actually an extreme misconception. There is no need to add the necessary cost to the business for the effort involved and there are many ideas that are virtually free.

Here are some ideas that organizations, large or small, may consider implementing to create a favorable workplace with happy and motivated employees who will stay with the organization for a long time.

1. First impression count. There is a proper onboarding program for new employees

It doesn’t take long for a new employee to meet with other department colleagues and make sure they understand their role and “how we work here”.

Have a welcome lunch to introduce the new employee to others.

Since the first impression is always counted, it will leave a great lasting impression on the new employee.

2. Offer a shoulder to lean on – hire a mentor

Being new to an organization can be quite scary and lonely.

A mentor can help a new employee better understand the culture of the organization, direct them to the right people to get things done, listen to complaints and be an excellent partner at lunch.

3. Share the challenge, celebrate the success

Companies should set aside time to share with their employees how the business is performing. Be clear about the challenges it faces.

Say it like that. If there is anything to celebrate, share it.

Treat your employees like family and they will be fat and thin with you.

4. Be flexible. Employees also have lives outside the organization

It is not impossible to practice flexi-work scheme in the workplace.

Mothers of school-going children may want to start the day after bringing their ward to school and finish the day before to incline their children.

Some organizations set aside a few days a month for employees to work from home when employees may have to perform a caring duty.

Flexibility in the workplace will encourage employees to stay longer with the organization.

5. All work and no play employees are tired and burned

Most companies have annual action planning seminars to evaluate their annual performance.

Celebrating success and sharing plans for the coming year, as well as making fun of work plan retreats, doesn’t stop a company.

This is where management can hire staff at all levels. Managers must not be afraid to let their hair down at once to remind employees that they are above all human.

6. Form a team. Act as one

Whenever there is an opportunity, add a new employee to the workgroup to resolve or just organize a presentation session.

That said, consider forming a work team whenever the need arises because employees are employed and working in a group is able to feel like a ‘family’ member.

7. Send greetings and best wishes. They go a long way

What could be better than getting your salary at the end of each month?

Of course a personal mail from the authorities.

Do this often at each level.

It doesn’t take much to greet employees with happy birthdays, happy wedding anniversaries, happy father / mother days, congratulations for completing a training program, or just a compliment for a wonderful job.

Everyone needs some attention from time to time.

Of course, it only takes a minute to pen a note, but it costs a lot more for an employee.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Consider doing this.

You may be wondering how much better it will be for your company.

7 Things Every New Business Owner Should Do

Needless to say, if you run a company, you have to do a million different things. This is because setting up your company does not have to be a burden All the inclusive packages include everything you need to start your new business, Obviously essential, such as identifying adequate premises, hiring suitable staff and other similar activities. However, here is a checklist of seven items from your never-ending list that need to be prioritized.

Look at the big picture

You determine the path that the ship will take toward its intended destination. How do you determine if you are successful if you do not know where you are going or what you are working on? Do you have a destination in mind? Can you describe a typical situation in a year (or five years), if we ask you that question? And perhaps most importantly, can you explain your team in a way that is not only understandable but also concise?


The more you dedicate, the more flexibility you need to acquire to accomplish the tasks that a business owner should do to create real value for the enterprise, and the more freedom you have to do those things. The more you donate, the more you will be able to do the things that a business owner should do in order to create real value for the enterprise. It is very important that you do the work as thoroughly as possible and make sure that you do it in the right and understandable way as your team grows in size or with the help of freelancers. This is especially important when you hire a freelancer.

Maintain a convenient point from the outside.

An entrepreneur who succeeds ensures that they always have a purposeful third party to assist and support them in their endeavors. You are not able to see everything, and most of the time you pay too much attention to the details to be able to appreciate the wide picture. Seeking help when you need it is not a sign of weakness, and staying on top should not be an experience characterized by feelings of isolation. It is possible to have someone on your team who “was there, did it” and gaining battle marks can cost you something that is difficult to measure but certainly worth having.

Take advantage of each and every possibility.

What is one of the most important steps you can take now to “move the dial” on your company’s success? You are responsible for establishing an agenda that will be followed to provide these opportunities, and even before that, you must ensure that the company is looking for these possibilities, as well as being open to them, flexible enough and ready to take advantage. Among them. In addition, you are responsible for establishing the agenda that will be followed to provide this opportunity.

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Solve the riddle

On the same line as the last question, and with the exception of the slightly annoying ones that are regularly cropped up, what is the most frustrating obstacle your organization is facing right now? At this point, you can’t let your attention slip away from the handiwork. To put it bluntly, you have to have plans to overcome these obstacles. You do Create an environment that promotes openness, The ability to face challenges and the desire to take matters into your own hands to solve problems before hurting the company? You should not own a start-up business that avoids difficulties.

Be responsible for managing, developing and inspiring your team.

To accomplish this goal most effectively, you need to set an example for others to follow, build a culture that suits your company, and understand the variables that excite and motivate your staff members. You should then act according to this information. You have one Culture that supports CPD And encourages its use? Do the lines of responsibility set you apart from the rest of the team, as well as the frequency with which you offer feedback and input? It is possible that one-on-one meetings with each employee once a week can be an effective way to build a motivated workforce and build an inspirational culture.

Inspiration at 60 | The source of the entrepreneur

Success stories

Inspiration comes in many forms, but once inspired, most people do not have the clarity of the next step.

Bunny Johnson, a South Carolina native in the front row, was persuaded to consider leaving the field to see how the healthcare industry managed the outbreak. Feeling burned and ungrateful, Johnson began to consider a different path. Although he was dissatisfied with working long shifts in the medical field, he was not ready to retire with a towel.

“The age of 60 is not what it was 10 or 20 years ago,” Johnson said. “I was ready to change my whole life. I didn’t know how to get started.”

Johnson began researching how to turn his passion for embroidery into a side rush, which allowed him to reduce his time in family health practice and allow him to earn money for a hobby he was interested in. Shortly after he began researching his options, he was approached by Max Jones, career entrepreneurial coach at The Entrepreneur Source.3The country’s leading career coaching franchise.

“His call came at such a beautiful time. It was just meant to be. He didn’t tell me I was too old to start again, “Johnson said.” She was my cheerleader. “

TES provides strategic, personalized coaching for people who want to transition from their current careers and achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence. Jones helped her identify her income, lifestyle, assets, and equity goals so that she could create a new course at no cost.

As a nurse, Johnson had the opportunity to work with many different people. Over time, he began to realize that his big employer was not giving his colleagues the opportunity to achieve their full potential. “Working with Max has made me realize how strong I feel about advising people,” Johnson said. “I knew I could help my employees use their energy to achieve their career goals as a small business owner instead of just trying to make money.”

Despite his love of embroidery, Johnson quickly realized that franchising would help him achieve his goals and give him a lucrative return on investment. Jones helped open Johnson’s eyes to the possibility of a different future as a business owner. “I didn’t think I had the business acumen or the money to make business ownership profitable. By providing me with information and guidance, Max has given me confidence in my ability to run a business successfully. ”

With the help of his brother-in-law Jeffrey, he decided to connect with the home team inspection service. Jeffrey was in a similar situation and was ready to move on from his difficult career as a contractor. “I had no background in home visits. I don’t need them to hold my hand, but they are there for my support. They will help if you want them, but they do not micromanage, “said Johnson.

HomeTeam Inspection Services focuses on assisting industry insiders, buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in home inspections with a variety of home and business inspections. The home-based business relies on a team approach to provide quick inspections, and franchise owners can quickly increase profits by capitalizing on company partnerships with two large real estate companies.

After arranging some hassle to get his home inspection license, Johnson is on a fast track to open in early June, just in time for the busy summer season. He bought the area in the PeeDee area of ​​South Carolina, which is experiencing a surge in growth as new businesses move into the area. The HomeTeam franchise model allows him to start small as an owner-operator and gradually add visitors as the business begins to profit.

“Max made me feel like a different person. It made me feel so much better to know that I have an exciting and fulfilling future, “said Johnson.

Learn more about TES

If you are ready to achieve the American Dream, contact a Career Ownership Coach জানতে to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit, or visit our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03 A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3