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A mother at home and a utility operations manager discovered the path to self-sufficiency with The Entrepreneur’s Source3.

TES specializes in Career Ownership Coach 6, designed to help people achieve their American dreams. Jaime Drescher led the home front for several years and led the homeschooling of her four children, while her husband, Matt Drescher, worked as operations manager at a coal-fired utility plant. Matt enjoyed his management work, but he saw the writing on the wall. As people focus more on environmentally friendly solutions, the utility industry is slowly turning away from coal, threatening Matt’s future. At the same time, Jaime wanted to re-enter the workforce. He was frustrated by the lack of flexibility and opportunity for someone with a big gap in their resume.

“After being out of the workforce for so many years, I knew I could not find anything that would work closer to my schedule. I knew that whatever salary I was going to get would not make it worthwhile for me as an employee, “said James.

Victor Merkel, a career-owned coach at TES ™, approached the Minnesota-based couple Baker to offer free career coaching. TES coaches provide education-based, personalized coaching to help people discover self-sufficiency and financial independence. Instructors lead people to a point of clarity and a place of self-assurance to help them feel more confident about their future. TES coaches help people explore if they want to be entrepreneurs, invest in a franchise or find a new role in the corporate world.

“I like the TES method. I like the way our coaches take people on their own. Our role as trainers is a mentoring relationship where people focus on talking to themselves through a problem. We encourage people to choose a path for themselves, “Merkel said.

After serving more than 20 years as a U.S. citizen in the military, Merkel took a job running the factory. Her new role makes her feel hurt and wounded. Wanting a future where she could be present as a father, Merkel discovered the potential to help people discover a new path. He began his coaching career in January and appreciated the support he received from his colleagues. Merkel meets regularly with other coaches to get the best practice and exchange ideas.

“I got a lot of support from six or seven of us who went to training at the same time. We get together and talk to each other and compare notes and help each other through different experiences, ”he added.

Coaching franchises reveal benefits

Initially, Merkel worked with the Dreachers to help them discover their goals আয় income, lifestyle, wealth, and equity. In addition to building a legacy for their family, the couple wanted an opportunity that would quickly turn into a profit and ultimately allow them to take on a management role. They also needed a low-investment, home-based business that provided work-life balance and flexibility. Merkel introduced Drescher with business investment opportunities in the franchising industry.

“Initially, we did not consider franchising or business ownership because we did not want the responsibility of renting a retail space or running a restaurant,” Matt said. “Vic [Markell] It has opened our eyes to the myriad opportunities of franchising, and it has become understandable. We need security to have a structure and support system. I don’t think we would have thought of opening a business without a roadmap. “

After carefully reviewing their options for returning to a job or starting a new business, Matt and Jim decided to open Kitchen Wise and invest in a franchise. Kitchen Wise is a home-based business opportunity that offers Jaime the flexibility he wants and gives Matt the possibility to replace or even double his existing salary. Franchisees offer intelligent customized solutions to help customers maximize space and improve organization. Its products and services are designed to enhance the experience of home life while maximizing space, efficiency and value. The couple recently completed three weeks of training and are ready to start their new business in early January. Matt plans to continue working at the utility plant until their new future rocket launches.

“Matt and Jaime share a vision of creating opportunities for their kids and creating additional options for themselves,” Merkel said.

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If in your corporate career you feel hurt and injured or stuck in a hole, create a new path. To work with Career Ownership Coach 6, visit www.entrepreneursource.com and see our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3

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