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Inspiration comes in many forms, but once inspired, most people do not have the clarity of the next step.

Bunny Johnson, a South Carolina native in the front row, was persuaded to consider leaving the field to see how the healthcare industry managed the outbreak. Feeling burned and ungrateful, Johnson began to consider a different path. Although he was dissatisfied with working long shifts in the medical field, he was not ready to retire with a towel.

“The age of 60 is not what it was 10 or 20 years ago,” Johnson said. “I was ready to change my whole life. I didn’t know how to get started.”

Johnson began researching how to turn his passion for embroidery into a side rush, which allowed him to reduce his time in family health practice and allow him to earn money for a hobby he was interested in. Shortly after he began researching his options, he was approached by Max Jones, career entrepreneurial coach at The Entrepreneur Source.3The country’s leading career coaching franchise.

“His call came at such a beautiful time. It was just meant to be. He didn’t tell me I was too old to start again, “Johnson said.” She was my cheerleader. “

TES provides strategic, personalized coaching for people who want to transition from their current careers and achieve self-sufficiency and financial independence. Jones helped her identify her income, lifestyle, assets, and equity goals so that she could create a new course at no cost.

As a nurse, Johnson had the opportunity to work with many different people. Over time, he began to realize that his big employer was not giving his colleagues the opportunity to achieve their full potential. “Working with Max has made me realize how strong I feel about advising people,” Johnson said. “I knew I could help my employees use their energy to achieve their career goals as a small business owner instead of just trying to make money.”

Despite his love of embroidery, Johnson quickly realized that franchising would help him achieve his goals and give him a lucrative return on investment. Jones helped open Johnson’s eyes to the possibility of a different future as a business owner. “I didn’t think I had the business acumen or the money to make business ownership profitable. By providing me with information and guidance, Max has given me confidence in my ability to run a business successfully. ”

With the help of his brother-in-law Jeffrey, he decided to connect with the home team inspection service. Jeffrey was in a similar situation and was ready to move on from his difficult career as a contractor. “I had no background in home visits. I don’t need them to hold my hand, but they are there for my support. They will help if you want them, but they do not micromanage, “said Johnson.

HomeTeam Inspection Services focuses on assisting industry insiders, buyers, sellers and real estate professionals in home inspections with a variety of home and business inspections. The home-based business relies on a team approach to provide quick inspections, and franchise owners can quickly increase profits by capitalizing on company partnerships with two large real estate companies.

After arranging some hassle to get his home inspection license, Johnson is on a fast track to open in early June, just in time for the busy summer season. He bought the area in the PeeDee area of ​​South Carolina, which is experiencing a surge in growth as new businesses move into the area. The HomeTeam franchise model allows him to start small as an owner-operator and gradually add visitors as the business begins to profit.

“Max made me feel like a different person. It made me feel so much better to know that I have an exciting and fulfilling future, “said Johnson.

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