HR Tech Features: Flambé – Integrate teams via live stream

We have learned in the last 2 epidemic years that the same activities conducted under remote settings do not achieve exactly the same kind of results.

Try to think of a zoom and you know exactly what I mean.

But as we come out of the epidemic, many companies are realizing that working in a remote setting actually works for them and wants to continue.

Companies like Airbnb, LinkedIn, PWC and Dropbox are allowing their employees to work permanently from anywhere.

The glue that unites people and organizations with culture, things will be challenging for the HR department.

It is more difficult to create a culture for distant groups because they are physically isolated, but more is needed without personal contact to establish a culture.

And that’s what inspired Nathan Devere to create Flambé, a staff engagement platform that brings the team together through live streaming activity.

Pain point

While Nathan was leading teams that temporarily became completely distant or hybrid for Vietnam from going to the office, he noticed that the parties felt disconnected from each other and became less integrated because they did not know each other well.

The sense of community was deteriorating and sometimes it seemed like they were working in a vacuum.

This leads to a decrease in collaboration between team members and an increase in time spent on individual tasks.

Team members relied less and less on each other and became more like freelancers than colleagues.

On the other hand, they will trade the flexibility of working remotely for anything!

The team leaders have done an excellent job of creating a sense of community but he has noticed that team members are doing more at Silo.

New employees joining remotely had difficulty integrating into the team. They struggled with feeling a larger whole and were less likely to bond as a group.

The co-founders acknowledge that the issue is not unique to them and have spent months interviewing hundreds of leaders about their pain points, eventually building their product with their input.

Flambé team

How are companies dealing with this current problem?

Most companies organize activities to boost team morale. Such activities are often mandatory for teams to join, but they do not appeal to all employees.

If a company offers yoga classes, it can be expensive; In addition, planning such activities takes time.

By providing a cultural infrastructure, companies can save themselves time and money while allowing employees to participate in activities of their choice.

On-site events are usually organized by team leaders, who often focus on their own team rather than building connections between departments.

Flambé What?

Flambé is an employee engagement platform that brings teams together through live streaming activity.

The staff-driven platform provides team members access to live activities ranging from wellness to hobbies, personal development, led by professional coaches.

Flambé makes it easy to discover what your colleagues are passionate about and connect with their personal interests.

It builds strong relationships among colleagues as well as makes the culture more inclusive and engaging to make the team a closer community.

Flambé also helps build a culture of its own and boosts employees’ morale, well-being and engagement.

The driving feeling of kinship

Flambé serves companies that want to transform the way they work and keep their employees at the center of their business.

They help companies break silos between teams and focus on people to create a stronger feeling among colleagues.

The corporations they work with have built a strong culture at the core of the organization to be at the forefront of the talent war.

For more information about Flambé, please visit their website

You can schedule a demo with them here.

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