How to measure ring size at home?

Rings are a great way to express affection as well as a great gift to reward yourself. But before buying a beautiful ring, we need to figure out how to measure the size of the ring. In this article we will present a ring size chart and 4 practical ways on how to measure your size at home.

Ring size chart in inches and centimeters

Here we have created a comprehensive ring size conversion chart for quick reference. If you already know your size, you can translate it directly according to the standards of different countries.

If you have not yet measured the size of your ring, you can measure the diameter or circumference of your finger using the 4 options listed below. Then compare the figures with the inner diameter or inner circumference (ring) in this ring size chart to determine your ring size.

Ring size chart 1

How to measure ring size at home?

1. Use a string or a strip of paper to measure the size of your ring

Ring Size Chart: How To Measure Ring Size At Home?

  • First, cut a long strip of paper 1 cm wide;
  • Then wrap the strip around your finger and mark the overlap with a pen;
  • Finally flatten the strip and use a ruler to measure the distance between the two points, that is, The circumference of the finger, which is equal to the inner circumference of the ring.
  • Then read the ring size chart above to find your ring size.

If you use a string, do it like a strip of paper, but be careful about choosing a string without elastic.

Tip: When wrapping paper or string around the finger, make sure the finger can be twisted, but not the ring.

2. Measure a ring that you already own

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If you already have the right ring but forget the size, you can measure your own ring directly Find your ring size.

The first method is to measure the inner diameter of the ring directly with a ruler, the accuracy is like 0.1 mm, and then compare it with the ring size chart above to determine your ring size. If you do not have a ruler, you can download a relevant app.

The second method is to place the ring on a piece of paper, draw a circle along the inside of the ring with a pen, then measure the inside diameter of the ring with a ruler and finally compare it with the ring size chart for drawing. Size out your ring.

3. Use a tape measure

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If you have a soft tape measure in your home, you can use it to measure your ring size.

The method of using a tape measure is similar to using a string or a strip of paper, you can read the circumference of your finger directly after the tape measure is wrapped around your finger.

The circumference of your finger is equal to the circumference of the inner ring on the upper ring.

4. Use a ring size

Measuring Finger Standard Ring Size US Europe UK Tape Ruler Jewelry Accessory Finger Size Measure Gauge e1652360787331

We can also choose to buy a professional ring size tool for measurement. About $ 3, it’s not too expensive. Amazon offers many choices.

With this ring size, you need to wrap it around your finger as a ring and then read the image, since the ring shapes are already engraved there. Make sure you buy the right ring size for your country, otherwise you will need to convert it using the ring size chart above.

Once the measurement is complete, it can be removed at any time like a ring.

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A few tips:

1. Avoid measuring too cold, too hot, in the morning or at night.

When it is very hot or in the morning / evening our fingers get big, which results in wrong measurements. Similarly, the size of the ring will be very small if we measure it when our hands are cold.

2. Decide if you want to wear it with your left or right hand.

The left and right hands are not the same size. Some people’s left hand is smaller than their right hand, others are opposite. So before measuring your ring size, you should decide which hand you want to wear the ring on.

3. Determine if you need to measure the size of your nose or finger.

Size varies between different parts of the same finger. Many have large but thin fingers.

The rule of thumb for measuring ring size in this case is as follows: If you are going to wear a regular ring for a long time, you should use your finger size; If you are buying a ring that needs to be removed frequently, use a knuckle shape so that you can easily remove it.

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