How to get the best work product from freelancers

By John Clark, Management Partner Moving traffic mediaA New York digital company provides SEO, PPC and Amazon marketing services

Outsourcing to freelancers can give your business a huge boost. This is a cost-effective way to reach the endless goals and activities you want to achieve, especially when you cannot afford to hire part-time or full-time employees.

Whether it’s your first time engaging with freelancers or you are thinking about how to make your current relationship more productive, you can’t go wrong with the following tips.

1. Bend the right leg

The first thing you need to do is make sure that the freelancer you hire has the skills and abilities to work in your specific field. Looking back at a freelancer’s past job will give you an idea of ​​what they have done and what they are capable of doing. If you’re sourcing your freelancer from an online marketplace, such as Fiverr or Upwork, a list of tasks they’ve managed will usually be found on their profile.

Don’t just hire a freelancer because they are available. Hire them because they are a great fit. You can determine if you are suitable for a freelance job by sharing your big picture with them. Their feedback will show you whether they are:

Understand your expectations

Must have the necessary skills and tools for your project

Have any interesting questions about your project

পারেন Can provide work samples and references

Can meet your project deadlines

One golden rule to keep in mind is Trump’s availability of qualifications.

2. Clearly outline what you need

Once you’ve identified a freelancer who is suitable for your needs, give them a clear overview so they know what your expectations are. While it is not always necessary for them to sign an iron-clad contract, it is a great help to have something written outlining your contract. It can also happen via email.

Having a brief ensures that you both have a clear record of agreed delivery and that you have a record for future reference. Examples are a great way to save time, and they also help you avoid situations where you have to do things again later — which can negatively affect tough deadlines.

Expert advice: Before starting the project make sure you are both aligned with the final deliverable. Don’t set up your freelancer to fail — it will cost you time and money. Freelancers need to fully understand what the final project will look like on the first day.

3. Share your values, styles and methods

How do you promote or dismiss your employees? These belong to your organization Real Original value. They do not need to be posted on your website, but they do need to be shared with your freelancers

It’s important that you consciously take steps to share your core values ​​without assuming others will automatically comply with them. For example, you can put a premium on colorful or aesthetically pleasing presentations. Alternatively, you can choose the data presented in a simplified format — or perhaps you are leaning towards a more technical format.

This will allow your freelancer to put their best foot forward, while sharing your core values.

4. Prioritize open communication and feedback

When you hire a brilliant freelancer, it can be tempting to imagine that all you have to do is:

হ Whip out project requirements

বস Sit back

Wait for incredible results

But you are more likely to need something behind your project. This can happen when your freelancer asks for clarification. It can also happen when you want to ask for correction or change.

Don’t settle for the first result if it doesn’t meet your needs. Instead, give your freelancer the opportunity to respond and make the necessary changes so that you get results that meet your expectations.

Agree to regular check-ins. Productive meetings will enable you to keep the line of communication open, avoid delays, and track your freelancer’s progress.

Expert advice: Talk to your freelancer about the type of work they do. Are there any resources you can provide them? Do they need to check-in frequently after receiving their summary, or do they prefer to be alone?

5. Avoid short creeps এবং and pay immediately

However, keep in mind that your freelancer will have to do extra work which in short will translate into an additional expense. Be sure To be up-front Your freelancer may need any extra work and ask how much it will cost.

It is a good practice to avoid last minute requests. Since freelancers usually manage several projects together, you can’t always expect them to leave everything to your unexpected work.

If you see that you need the help of a freelancer in the future, warn them so that they can evaluate their schedule and fit in with you. After all, the best freelancers can be booked weeks or even months in advance. .

Good budget so you can give your freelancers a running rate On time, Then see if they provide better efficiency, quality of service and results. You will have more success in retaining your best freelancers for future projects.

Treat your freelancers as partners

When you treat your freelancers with respect and as experts in their field, you will see them as enthusiastic partners in your success.


পরীক্ষা Test your required skills and abilities

আছে There is a clear summary and deliverable

Share your original values, preferred style and preferred style

Keep communication and feedback lines open

Pay well and pay fast


Hire them because they are available

অতিরিক্ত Bring extra, last-minute supplies without fair warning or consideration

• Assume your values ​​are clear

Leave your freelancers without support and on their own devices

• Peanuts or unnecessary late payment

Sometimes, you can take all these measures and still end up with a work product that is not quite the same. If this happens, give your freelancer a chance to correct their mistakes. There may be a small breathing room to help your freelancer update their work in a way that meets your needs.

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