How to entice and keep customers: 5 top tips

Making your customers feel special is the desired outcome of any customer-oriented business.

With the growing trend towards staying at home, the need to create an exciting and unique environment for your clients has become more important than ever.

Pubs and bars no longer enjoy the food they once enjoyed, as more people at home drank.

Hairdressers have seen a decline in the number of clients as the epidemic has encouraged hair care at home.

The rise of cheap cosmetics has discouraged many from going to nail salons, tanning shops and beauty salons.

Creating experience at home has become the norm for many. New and old businesses alike have to go the extra mile to make their customers feel valued.

Unique place

Creating a unique environment in your business is very important to entice customers. The space must be something they could not use at home.

Creating the environment is important. This can be achieved through gorgeous decor and a music playlist that matches the mood you want to convey.

One type of customer-oriented business that has improved in recent years is the craft beer shop. Craft beer entrepreneurs set foot in the open space by the eroded pub industry.

Craft beer stores have been so successful because they have created a unique space. They express a modern, down-to-earth and social experience.

Craft beer shops purposefully look so different from traditional pubs – to present something new to the public. Modernity creates buzz and excitement.

Unique product

Being able to offer your customers unique products is an important tool in the fight to entice customers – and potential income – from their home.

As the consumer society expands year by year, so does the number of products available for purchase. The rise of online shopping means that potential customers can buy almost anything from almost any place.

Service-led businesses must tackle this challenge by offering customers unique products that they have not found anywhere else.

A wine bar attached to a vineyard should, of course, take advantage of online retail opportunities and sell in this space. However, they should also try to make exclusive wines for the bar – meaning customers will have to go to the bar to enjoy them.

A beauty salon should provide pampering products that are not readily available to consumers. Such items Eyebrow bomb Not familiar to the average consumer and can be used to give customers a feeling of glamor.

Unique service

Businesses should take advantage of the growing interest in the service sector.

The 1980s ushered in an era of product buying – this decade saw an increase in vinyl consumption and rapid fashion.

Modern times have seen a shift in spending from products to services and businesses should appreciate this change.

There are some things that can’t be done at home – crazy golf, ten pin bowling or using a running machine.

Although you can’t run a crazy golf course, bowling alley or gym, the principle remains the same. Create unique experiences that just can’t be replicated at home.

The Little Touches

Customers can watch movies at home. This puts movie theaters in a difficult position – which has grown significantly since the epidemic and the expansion of streaming services.

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In the example of a movie theater, little touches are key to making customers feel special. The best example of this is the availability of delicious popcorn, such as the novelty of the surrounding sound, the huge screen and being shown in your seat.

Outstanding customer service

Providing customer service while working to make customers feel special is a valuable initiative that impresses your competitors.

Each of your customers should feel like the most important person in the world. Give them a chance to ask questions and try things or sample items.

Answer any questions they may have and communicate with them in a polite and reassuring manner.

Follow up with the customer through a after-sales service, if they choose it.

Customers also like discounts. In fact, in a recent study ‘54% of customers expect to receive personalized discounts within 24 hours‘A purchase.

Outstanding customer service is a new battleground for brands – consumers prioritize it over almost everything.

Bottom line

Consumer trends have changed dramatically in the last few years. Consumers are increasingly more likely to choose to stay at home – watch movies, cut their own hair, drink alcohol or paint their own nails.

This trend is likely to increase further as consumers invite virtual reality technology into their home – enabling them to enjoy activities such as golf from the comfort of their own home.

It is possible to entice and retain customers by creating a unique experience in the desired place – with exclusive products, outstanding customer service and little touch.

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