How to create an attractive e-commerce brand in the annoying industry

Just because your business or brand doesn’t have an inherently attractive segment doesn’t mean your brand needs to be smooth and boring.

While a large number of exciting and conventional niches are emerging, most industries have to struggle with creating interest to feel like worldly, complex, or misunderstood places. Instead, it’s the way a brand presents its descriptions that really make it attractive.

In a 2019 study of what they call the characteristics of brand coolness, the American Marketing Association said, “We found that great brands have 10 characteristics: consumers find their extraordinary, aesthetically appealing, enterprising, rebellious, original, authentic, subcultural, iconic, and iconic.” . “

As long as a brand develops at least one of these key features, it will generate interest in even the least favorite industry. Even greater success will be secured by establishing as many of these features as possible. This is done by focusing a business’s vision on a clear goal, such as launching a new product, and focusing on the effort to use these features to achieve it.

To make a “boring” brand more attractive, brand owners need to know where to focus their attention. This means identifying its target market or community, focusing on storytelling and learning how to adapt to the culture.

Put extra focus on your target audience.

One of the first steps in creating a favorite brand is to identify your target audience. It extends to people who may be interested in your product or service if you draw their attention to the right story. As you narrow down this group, you need to learn what you can do about who they are. Ask yourself, and more importantly, their likes, dislikes, emotions, and what matters most to them. Any problems that your brand might be able to solve to keep them up at night?

The audience also cares about the truth. It is not enough just to get your audience to respond with the right message. Nowadays, listeners get information about a brand from sources other than those created by the brand. They do a follow-up and monitor for consistency and check reality.

Representation is also important. No one can tell a better story about the audience than the audience. Marketable groups want to represent themselves in their targeted content Identity is very important.

These two variables create the need for an all-encompassing perspective on diversity. If a brand wants to reach a specific audience, they need to include those audiences as storytellers, producers, and as an integral part of the brand with which they want to identify their audience. There is a huge value in creating a community that emphasizes what your brand is for, as well as an approach to caring for your followers.

I spoke with Ryan Kutcher, founder of professional branding agency Circus Maximus, and Ashley Richardson-George, her partners and CCO. As part of the conversation, Richardson-George asked, “How can different people feel included if they don’t see themselves represented in content or brand?”

Providing an answer, he said, “Often, the brand may not be able to convey a message to their target audience as well, unless it is said by someone they identify with, who has realized their needs and is sure to prove the brand’s offer.” Maybe if we are able to address them, the audience will have trouble receiving the message. “

“It’s important to integrate with the community as a brand, and let that community integrate with you, so that you have a mission, purpose, position, personality, and voice that is uniquely relevant to your audience.” He continued, “It makes it easier to focus on issues of authority and identify internal behaviors that will help you connect with people.”

Tell the story of your brand.

Customers don’t always worry if you have a great product. For some companies this may sound difficult, but it is important for them to understand. What makes consumers care about your company outside of the product you sell?

Donald Miller, founder of StoryBrand, suggests that people don’t care as much about buying the best products as they do about the products they communicate most effectively. The same ring is true for an ecommerce brand that can share its story in an engaging and engaging way. There will be interesting people with unique backgrounds, lifestyles and history behind even the most disgusting business.

Instead of focusing on marketing and promoting your product, tell stories to your business, your boss, your employees and even your loyal customers. People want to connect with people and connect more deeply with a brand that uses storytelling to convey this truth.

Adapt to current trends.

After watching the most recent Super Bowl, the importance of social awareness for branding has become clearer than ever. We’ve seen brands like Salesforce, Bud Light, and Expedia move away from product promotion rules because they focus instead on trends, personalities, and lifestyle aspects that people really care about.

Nowadays, you will see many e-commerce brands focus their marketing and advertising on trust systems and ideals rather than their products. Consumers want to associate themselves with companies lined up with their own opinions. If you can adapt your business to be a promoter of trending topics, as well as integrate them into your company’s vision, you will see an increase in your customer loyalty.

Make a movement.

Even more than a charity, people love a brand dedicated to making the world a better place. Which not only sell great products but use a portion of their profits to help people and improve society in general. There are many ways to help people, protect animals, preserve the environment and make a difference.

The key is to establish a cause that means something to you, your brand and your employees. Taking some time to determine what people in your company care about can be a great start to creating a movement that consumers can go backwards.

Focus on what your competition is doing.

The key to success in any industry is to look at what other companies in your area are spending their time on. Regular competitor analysis is a great business practice to keep up with others in your space. There are several ways to conduct this research both online and offline.

You’ll want to take a look at your competitor’s website to see what’s being shared on their main home page as well as content shared on their business blog. It can highlight industry updates or topics that you have not yet covered in your own online marketing. You can also look at their media citations to see if any of your competitors have been mentioned in recent news or major publications.

One of the best places to follow your industry news, and what’s happening with other companies in your area, is social media. See what they’re talking about on platforms like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, or visit YouTube to see if they’re creating video content.

Former Dollar Shave Club owner Michael Dubin has created an entertaining video explaining the product that has gone viral. Men’s shaving supplies are not a very exciting ecommerce industry, but the Dollar Shave Club has caught people’s attention with its humor, simplicity and a clear idea of ​​what they have to offer. The viral video played a key role in the company’s massive growth, eventually leading to a দ্বারা 1 billion acquisition by Unilever.

James Orphanos, co-founder of Top Notch Cinema, and his team helped the Dollar Shave Club create videos for their brand, and later said, “Without the power of video marketing, the Dollar Shave Club would never have become a family name. Michael Dubin has created a billion dollar brand with video. “

Even the least favorite ecommerce space can be interesting

To be attractive, your brand must have at least one “coolness feature.” No matter what you are trying to sell on your ecommerce site, there is a way to get public attention.

Extraordinary, aesthetically appealing, energetic, rebellious, original, authentic, subculture, iconic, high status and popular. No matter the quality you are able to communicate, this is your starting point for marketing your brand and presenting it in a great way.

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