Here are five tips to help you improve your Amazon advertising

By its founder Nick Hithuis TripleShot MarketingAn Amazon marketing company helps brands launch and grow on Amazon

If you are a salesperson at Amazon, you need to take advantage of Amazon’s powerful advertising capabilities. As well as being a leader in e-commerce, Amazon is also a leader in online advertising. Amazon’s advertising capabilities compete with those of Google and Facebook, making it imperative for sellers to fully understand and optimize their Amazon advertising campaigns.

Whether you’re a new seller launching your first product on Amazon or an experienced seller trying to increase sales and conversion rates, here are five tips to improve your Amazon advertising.

1. Optimize the detailed pages of your product

Before you start advertising, your product detail pages need to be retail-ready. On Amazon, just finding one buyer to click on your ad is not enough. If your ad lands on the detail page of a product that is poorly written, contains unprofessional designs or fails to capture the attention of the buyer, the buyer will not believe in the quality of your product and will move to another listing.

Fully optimized listings improve the effectiveness of your advertising spend. An optimized listing increases your conversion rate by convincing buyers who click on your ad that you have the quality product they are looking for.

Some of the ways you can optimize your product detail page include creating accurate and descriptive titles, using high-quality and professional images, and making your product information scannable and feature-based.

2. Set up the Exploration Automated Campaign

In the case of advertising on Amazon, automated campaigns serve a specific function. With an automated campaign, Amazon’s algorithm sets the best goals and placements for your ad. This is different from a manual campaign, for which you need to select specific targets for your Amazon ads. While automated campaigns alone will not cover all of your advertising needs, they are a great tool for exploring and sourcing keywords and competitors when selling them.

Getting started with automated campaigns to help with the exploratory part of your advertising strategy sets you up for long-term success. Data obtained through your automated campaigns enables you to create more sophisticated manual campaigns in the future.

3. Set up a manual targeting campaign

Once you’ve figured out the keywords and products to target, it’s time to create a killer manual targeting campaign. Manual campaigns allow you to target specific keywords, competitors, categories, and more on Amazon. When launching new products, category-specific targeting is a great way to capitalize on customers performing similar searches in your department.

Since you have done your research through an automated search campaign, your manual campaigns are more likely to be efficient and profitable. Make sure you understand the extra effort required to run a manual campaign, as you can no longer rely on Amazon’s algorithm to do most of the work.

4. Leverage video advertising

Video ads are one of the most powerful tools you can use as part of your advertising campaign. Video is one of the most compelling ways to reach customers on Amazon, as it offers users a more engaging way to learn about your product than static images or text. With Amazon’s new video ad layout, you can even use video content within your sponsor brand in addition to your image-based ads.

A video ad on Amazon is a targeted ad that will take buyers to the detail page of your product. Amazon’s guidelines for sellers using video advertising recommend adding text to your videos that communicates additional information about your brand message or your product. Finally, all video ads must be in .MOV or .MP4 format

5. Optimize your campaign

The ultimate Amazon advertising tip is to fully optimize your campaigns on a regular basis to maximize your advertising spend. Focusing on one or more ad KPI controls such as ad sales cost (ACoS) helps to control and maximize ad efficiency. One way you can manage your ACoS or other KPIs is to use negative keywords to permanently eliminate bad keywords. Any keyword that has excessive clicks and low conversion rate should be added to the list of negative keywords. You can enable dynamic bidding to identify new and emerging keywords while maintaining changing search behavior and trends. Finally, you can optimize your campaigns by regularly reviewing your overall campaign reporting data and re-evaluating the performance of all your campaigns (both manual and automatic).

Amazon advertising is an effective way to grow your brand and attract new customers. Allows you to harness the power of Amazon advertising by using the tools that Amazon offers and optimizing all aspects of your ad promotion.

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