Frontline heroes dare to achieve the American dream

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Thanks to all the frontline heroes for all your sacrifices. However, taking another job (Just Ebove Brock) was no longer a risk as this healthy couple was willing to take the opportunity.

Debbie has spent more than 20 years in customer service, most recently in a big-box home improvement store. In the early days of the epidemic, schools closed their doors and many Americans worked from a distance to help keep the curve flat and safe. To Debbie’s frustration, her workplace was open to business and filled with customers who did not always follow the new safety guidelines. Feeling uncomfortable with only a paper mask as protection, Debbie took a leave of absence and began looking for alternative opportunities.

At the same time, Debbie’s husband Jay took a role away from home as an infectious disease nurse where she spent her days in PPE, covering head to toe, treating covid patients. After serving in the military, Jay played several roles but spent the last 35 years in nursing. Jay’s contributions during the epidemic helped to fatten the eggs in their home and put more options on the table for their future.

A referral linked the couple to Heidi Simos, a career proprietary coach.3 For the entrepreneur’s source3, The country’s leading career coaching franchise. TES offers education-based coaching to help people who create a new course at the turn of their careers. Simos guides his clients free of charge as they discover their goals and determine if they want to find a new job, start a business from scratch or start a franchise.

“I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning. It can be a bit difficult to deal with someone who has a lot of life experience, ”Debbie said. “Heidi was patient and kind. He followed in our every footsteps as we made our decisions. “

Simos began coaching with TES in 2015, spending most of his career as a multi-unit franchise operator at eight learning centers. “Entrepreneur’s source mission3 Resonating with me, I have always loved and wanted to help people, “said Simos. “Because of my desire to make a difference in people’s lives and my love of franchising, I felt I was the right match to be a coach.”

Coaching helps clients set goals

Even before they started their coaching journey, Debbie and Jay had an idea that franchising could achieve their self-sufficiency and financial independence. Initially, Simos helped the couple define their income, lifestyle, assets and equity.3 With their goals in mind, they begin to evaluate flexible, home-based franchise opportunities. Debbie hoped an employer-operator would apply its customer service experience to the opportunity to reduce employee recruitment requirements.

After considering many options, Debbie and J. Florida decided to become entrepreneurs by opening a bunch of covered locations in Volosia, Flagler, and St. John’s County. Gotcha Covered provides customers with custom window treatments, such as blinds, draperies and shutters. The brand applied to Debbie’s customer service background in Home Services. It has achieved the goal of managing a flexible business model with less overhead and limited staff. Currently, Debbie works as the face of the business. He works diligently to help customers retain, book appointments and recommend designs, while J manages the installation. “Hey, that’s why I’m here. I’m glad to be here, “said Debbie.

McAlisters took to the field in May 2021 with their new business and is pleased with the decision to follow the entrepreneurs. People are flocking to Florida for its warm weather and low cost of living. New neighborhoods are being created across the MacAllisters area, helping to drive sales. About 70% of their business comes from new homeowners.

Debbie attributes part of her success to the support she receives from the corporate office and the strong network of her associate Gotcha covered franchise owners. Gotcha Covered helps franchise owners encourage business by offering a new mover marketing program to capture new residents. “New mover marketing has been a huge asset to us,” Debbie added.

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If you would like to learn more about how coaching can help you achieve the American dream, contact a Career Ownership Coach 6 to learn more about entrepreneurship. For more information about TES, visit, or visit our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03 A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3

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