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Explore a new path

During an extended crossroads in her career, Anja Wengel discovered a new path that would provide financial freedom and allow her to pursue her passion.

Anja has spent more than 30 years in a small company in the travel industry that specializes in connecting hotels with international tour operators. New management and epidemics forced Anja to look for new opportunities. After being fired for 18 months, Anja joins Jan Claison of The Entrepreneur Source3Who helped him explore new possibilities

“Kovid was rescued for me in some form,” Anja said. “I need to find something that will satisfy me. Emotions are very important for your career. “

TES helps people who are feeling the brunt of their current corporate role. In the new career economy, many people reach a point in their job where climbing the corporate ladder is slow and they no longer earn a salary consistent with their experience. People who have been small-sized, right-sized, or left behind even after years of dedicated service can still discover self-sufficiency and achieve the American dream.

TES coaches help people dive deeper into their goals, leaving the corporate world behind and deciding whether to take responsibility for their future. By identifying those goals তাদের their income, lifestyle, assets, and equity, TES helps people determine if they want to take on another corporate job, start a business from scratch, or invest in a franchise.

“At first, I was skeptical when my coach asked me if I was thinking of starting my own business. I thought I was very old and set in my own way, “said Anja. “I really like how he developed a vision for me. I was quite curious and impressed. The tests and questions he asked forced me to take a closer look at my career and my future.

In addition to gaining financial independence, Anja sought a new path in her career to provide a legacy and opportunity for her autistic son, who is attending special school in Texas. While retiring from her job in the travel industry, Anja worked part-time at a cannabis dispensary, where she learned about the medicinal value of all natural products. Following the legalization of flax in 2018, CBD has become a lucrative investment opportunity and it is projected to become a $ 23 billion business by 2025.

After thorough research and discussion, Anja Natural Life, a Tallahassee, Florida-based company decided to sign a franchise agreement with CBD as well as other holistic plants. The emerging franchise has given Anja the opportunity to open a storefront position to educate consumers about the value of all natural medicine options. This will provide her with a job opportunity when her son graduates.

“We’re at the top of the iceberg to explore the health benefits that marijuana offers,” said Anja.

Claesson began her career as a career ownership coach in 2016 after running companies for a long time in the technology industry. In search of a new opportunity that would provide work-life balance and flexibility, Clayson decided to use his advice and management skills to help other corporate employees discover self-sufficiency.

“The TES mission resonates with me,” Claesson said. “Our approach is to focus on the client. We spend time and effort getting to know each of our clients and understanding their motivations and aspirations. We help them keep an open mind and learn. “

Anja is still in the early stages of opening her new location in the Las Vegas, Nevada, area. He recently signed a lease for his shop and plans to open its doors in February. “My coaches have helped me understand that I am not too old and that I should not settle down and accept the end of my old career. There are still opportunities for people my age. People can still be successful and create something for themselves. I was not happy to make other people rich. I wanted to make myself rich and live a fulfilling life, “said Anja.

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If you are beginning to realize that your corporate career cannot generate the income you deserve, resolve to take the time to discover a new option for your future. For more information about TES, visit www.entrepreneursource.com, or visit our guidebook, “Your Career 2.03A Survival Guide for Battered Careers and Investor Syndrome3

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