Easy SEO Growth Hack

SEO can skyrocket the reach of your website and allow you to sell your product or service to far more people than ever before. The thing with SEO is that it increases the visibility of your brand by placing you on the first page of search results. So, when prospects search on Google for a specific word or keyword, your website will be recommended as an authentic source for users to click through.

Here is a list of our easy-to-use SEO Growth Hacks that you can apply to your site right now:

Install Google Analytics


Google Analytics (GA) can help you understand how you are doing as a brand and where you want to go. If you do not have a GA (or similar tool) installed on your website, you will not have a clear picture of what your site prospects are attracted to, what pages they like, why they are dropped, and what they are not doing. T Like, etc. The data you receive from GA is essential to the growth of your company and the presence of your online brand.

So, don’t be afraid of GA and the data it collects! This is for the best and can help you scale your business.

Make sure your meta description includes focus keywords

Your metallic titles, meta descriptions and image alt text have incredible power. So, don’t underestimate them and don’t copy and paste the same descriptions and titles from one page to another. Also, avoid entering your company name or article title in this text. Instead, focus keywords should be relevant to the content of your page.

The meta description and title of a page should provide text that compels readers seeking relevant information to click through to your article or page and visit your site to learn more. You need to tell them what they will learn when they use your click-through link.

And in the process, be sure to optimize your content and include keywords. The text should also be fluent and should not be keyword-fest. Otherwise, Google will rank it low (it hates keyword spamming).

If you are using WordPress, Try using the Yoast plugin. This is great for SEO. Yoast SEO makes it very easy to enter and optimize meta titles and meta descriptions and offers a red, green or yellow score to indicate the quality of SEO for an intended page.

Add social media links to your site

People who use WordPress or similar CMS should know about many plugins that make social media integration a thing of the past. As Google evaluates the quality of your site, so do the social features. Keep in mind that social media posts may also appear in search engine results, so you better optimize your posts to help them rank higher.

In general, communicating on social media offers greater reach, at the same time, encouraging traffic to discover your website. Also, integrating your social media accounts with your site can provide a channel between two and social proof, which makes your business feel trusted.

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Remove duplicate content

You should not use duplicate content when optimizing your articles or pages. This includes content copied from your parent company’s site or manufacturer Additionally, do not duplicate your own content, such as your internal pages To test the authenticity of your page and article, use Copyscape.com Or some other premium theft tool. When you identify duplicate content, fix it. Modify the copy, optimize it, and re-upload it This is the end.

Remember: Duplicate content can seriously damage the quality of your site.

Include your location on the main pages and even in the meta descriptions and page titles

Many businesses also have to compete for local search. In fact, for some companies, this is the main focus of their digital marketing. Make sure you include text on your homepage, about us page and on the contact page that refers to the local area that offers your services. Also, include the meta description and your position in the page title. You let Google pick your business and present it to local customers by asking for services like yours.


Now that you know the best SEO growth hacks, it’s time to apply them to your site. Just follow them closely, and all will be well. Your brand will skyrocket, and soon you will have more traffic than ever before.

That said, if you need help, move on to content creation and SEO solutions, e.g. Strategically. We can get your content back on track and make copies that increase your traffic and conversions. After all, we want you to succeed and do everything you can to make it happen. Just contact for a quote!

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