Career coach Samantha Ng on modern day career management

Samantha Ng is an internationally acclaimed behavioral and career consultant and a certified career service provider. He has worked with thousands of professionals, graduates and graduates from Asia and Singapore over the past ten years on personal development and career charting.

She scouts for upcoming and future trends that allow her clients to better position themselves to stay relevant and competitive. She volunteered her time and skills in different communities. She is recognized as an Associate Adult Educator by SkillsFuture Singapore’s Institute of Adult Learning.

Beyond her coaching work, she has a keen interest in educational start-ups. He has established three Singapore-based companies (all still in operation) and one in China.

You can follow his work on different platforms:

What we discussed:

  • Its entrepreneur has entered China
  • How career management has evolved since his time as a graduate
  • The first child step of a career needs to be thought of by every working professional
  • How to quickly identify your strengths
  • And many more.

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