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Steve Metzler, a career proprietary coach জন্য for the source of entrepreneurship3Recently a client helped Eric diversify his income and discover a new way to achieve financial independence.

Eric has held various leadership positions in sales at food service companies for over 20 years, including a gourmet snack in Cincinnati, Ohio and a 17-year tenure for the Almond Company. During his one-year tenure at the Snack Company, he helped increase sales by more than 186% in the United States, including a 10% increase in 2020, despite the limitations associated with the epidemic.

Last spring, Eric found himself at a turning point in his career. “I was fired. I was the only salesperson in the United States and managed most of their most profitable sales in the country. But the bottom line is, they can’t pay me anymore. I had no head ups or warnings, “said Eric.” That’s when I decided I couldn’t put all my eggs in one basket anymore. “

Mature workers are struggling to navigate their careers in an unstable economy with a shrinking middle class. After years of dedicated service to a single company, many hard-working Americans are getting smaller, right-sized, and cap-sized. Spending a career climbing the corporate ladder in a single company is no longer an viable option for most Americans. Younger baby boomers hold an average of 12.4 jobs in their lifetime, and that number is much higher for the younger generation. Lack of job security is leading to battered career syndrome3Where corporate employees are feeling hurt and wounded from taking on new roles that do not match their skill set and provide little job security.

While searching for his job, Eric formed a relationship with Steve through LinkedIn. The pair quickly formed a relationship and Eric decided to work with TES to discover a new path. TES uses a cost-effective, education-based coaching approach to help people discover those goals আয় income, wealth, lifestyle, and equity.

“TES has an advanced process for coaching people to explore alternative career opportunities,” Steve said.

Eric had played with the idea of ​​business ownership at various times in his career, but he put the idea aside because he didn’t think it was achievable. Career ownership has helped Eric open his eyes to the possibilities available in coaching franchising. Investing in a franchise allows business owners to manage a proven business model with training and support for success.

“Eric’s goal was to grow his assets and equity by developing a revenue stream alongside his sales leadership career. I’ve been looking for opportunities to own a semi-missing business that could make it easier, “said Steve.

While working with his career ownership coach, Eric continued to look for his corporate job. He landed a sales role to a candy maker while exploring new possibilities. After reviewing the food service and fitness business, Eric and his wife were offered a hair salon franchise for children. Eric plans to focus on conducting back-office operations, and his wife will rely on her experience as a teacher to ensure customer satisfaction. The couple plans to keep their current job to increase their income.

“Eric wanted a business that would give him the ability to oversee an entity and direct an on-site manager to run operations successfully. Eric has exceptional people skills with analytical power,” Steve said.

Steve has left a career in the insurance industry to help people move from employment to empowerment. He started his career 2.03 Six years ago, with the country’s top career coaching franchise TES.

“My only regret is that it wasn’t done a decade ago,” Steve said.

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