7 Employee hiring ideas that don’t cost too much

In general, most job seekers cite wages as the main reason for joining the organization. However, the main reason for leaving the organization is not usually salary issues.

This should not surprise anyone. In the end, it is more than just a payroll.

So outside of wages, other factors such as workplace relationships, the meaning of one’s role, one’s sense of contribution and achievement and how one is employed in an organization contribute to the success of retaining employees.

So it is not surprising that research has shown that companies tend to be more successful in retaining their employees by hiring their employees meaningfully and effectively.

Gone are the days when workers were an accessory to a machine or a sum of production lines. One worker did not know what the other worker was doing above or below the line.

Employees also do not know how their inputs contribute to the end result of a product.

In the modern day workplace, workers need to be aware of what their role is and why and how their role contributes to the business.

They need to be motivated. They must have a sense of accomplishment as well as achievement.

Some organizations believe that employee engagement costs money and distracts employees from their work.

This is actually an extreme misconception. There is no need to add the necessary cost to the business for the effort involved and there are many ideas that are virtually free.

Here are some ideas that organizations, large or small, may consider implementing to create a favorable workplace with happy and motivated employees who will stay with the organization for a long time.

1. First impression count. There is a proper onboarding program for new employees

It doesn’t take long for a new employee to meet with other department colleagues and make sure they understand their role and “how we work here”.

Have a welcome lunch to introduce the new employee to others.

Since the first impression is always counted, it will leave a great lasting impression on the new employee.

2. Offer a shoulder to lean on – hire a mentor

Being new to an organization can be quite scary and lonely.

A mentor can help a new employee better understand the culture of the organization, direct them to the right people to get things done, listen to complaints and be an excellent partner at lunch.

3. Share the challenge, celebrate the success

Companies should set aside time to share with their employees how the business is performing. Be clear about the challenges it faces.

Say it like that. If there is anything to celebrate, share it.

Treat your employees like family and they will be fat and thin with you.

4. Be flexible. Employees also have lives outside the organization

It is not impossible to practice flexi-work scheme in the workplace.

Mothers of school-going children may want to start the day after bringing their ward to school and finish the day before to incline their children.

Some organizations set aside a few days a month for employees to work from home when employees may have to perform a caring duty.

Flexibility in the workplace will encourage employees to stay longer with the organization.

5. All work and no play employees are tired and burned

Most companies have annual action planning seminars to evaluate their annual performance.

Celebrating success and sharing plans for the coming year, as well as making fun of work plan retreats, doesn’t stop a company.

This is where management can hire staff at all levels. Managers must not be afraid to let their hair down at once to remind employees that they are above all human.

6. Form a team. Act as one

Whenever there is an opportunity, add a new employee to the workgroup to resolve or just organize a presentation session.

That said, consider forming a work team whenever the need arises because employees are employed and working in a group is able to feel like a ‘family’ member.

7. Send greetings and best wishes. They go a long way

What could be better than getting your salary at the end of each month?

Of course a personal mail from the authorities.

Do this often at each level.

It doesn’t take much to greet employees with happy birthdays, happy wedding anniversaries, happy father / mother days, congratulations for completing a training program, or just a compliment for a wonderful job.

Everyone needs some attention from time to time.

Of course, it only takes a minute to pen a note, but it costs a lot more for an employee.

These are just some of the goal setting shareware that you can use.

Consider doing this.

You may be wondering how much better it will be for your company.

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