Everything about Imperial Topaz

Topaz stone is a semi-precious stone with excellent clarity and brightness. It is the birthstone of November and a symbol of peace, friendship and happiness.

Imperial topaz is the most expensive of all varieties of topaz, including London blue topaz, Swiss blue topaz and white topaz. It is extremely rare and its price can easily go above $ 1500 per carat.

What is Imperial Topaz?

Imperial Topaz, The most expensive variety of deep orange-red topaz, One of the most beautiful and rare gemstones in the world. Today it is only produced in Minas Gerais, Brazil.


In ancient Europe, the Imperial Topaz was a gemstone reserved for the royal family or church and it was a rare and expensive variety of all colored gemstones. Ordinary people know very little about this.

In the mid-18th century, imperial topaz became popular in France and Spain with diamonds. It was often set in precious metals as baseless jewelry for the upper class.

Today, famous jewelry brands still value the beauty of Imperial Topaz. It is often combined with other precious stones and metals to create luxurious jewelry.

Imperial Topaz Features

In general, topaz is bright and transparent, but imperial topaz is an exception. The larger the size, the more likely it is to contain impurities.

Therefore, Large and transparent imperial topaz is extremely rare. It is more valuable than diamonds due to its low yield.

The hardness of the imperial topaz is 8, which is as hard as ruby ​​and sapphire.

However, it displays Low level of firmnessSo we need to take care of the topaz jewelry carefully to avoid chips or cracks.

In addition, high temperatures or sudden changes in temperature can lead to topaz fractures. Its color may fade Including prolonged exposure to heat or sunlight.

Colors: golden, orange, red and dichroic

Although there is some controversy over the color of imperial topaz, the mainstream view is that it is essential Gold, orange and red.

Generally speaking, Gold is the entry-level of the Imperial Topaz. The more red, the higher the market value.

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Therefore, red imperial topaz is the rarest and most expensive variety of imperial topaz, with a single price easilyy reached 00 10,000 per carat. And the amount is very limited, you can not buy even if you want.

In recent years, newly discovered peach and purple imperial topaz stones have been particularly notable, but these gems have been treated at high temperatures, so they are still less valuable than red and orange varieties.

Everything about Imperial Topaz

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After all, the best imperial topaz not only displays a reddish-orange hue but also this dichroic. Sometimes we can even see three colors in a single imperial topaz.

Where does Imperial Topaz come from?

The Oro Preto region of Minas Gerais, Brazil Today the only source of Imperial Topaz. The Ural Mountains of Pakistan and Russia no longer produce imperial topaz.

The Oro Preto area of ​​Brazil adopts open-pit mining and has to close during the rainy season. Therefore, mining time is only from December to May each year, which means that the amount of Imperial Topaz excavated per year is very limited.

Also, only 1% of the excavated ore can be used for gemstones, which is why the price of imperial topaz continues to rise.

Price of Imperial Topaz

What is the value of Imperial Topaz? In terms of price, Imperial Topaz is extremely rare and expensive. Its price is easily available Go above $ 1500 per carat.

Also, the Imperial Topaz comes in a variety of colors and prices vary widely. Generally speaking, gold is the entry-level of the Imperial Topaz. The more red, the higher the market value.

Therefore, red imperial topaz is the rarest and most expensive variety of imperial topaz, with a single price easily reaching $ 10000 per carat. And the amount is very limited, you can not buy even if you want.

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Imperial Topaz means

Topaz is the birthstone of November and a symbol of peace, friendship and happiness. The Imperial Topaz itself is a 23rd and 50th wedding anniversary gemstone, a proof of that Love and loyalty.

In addition, Imperial is considered topaz A protective gemstoneWhich brings good luck to the wearer.

Imperial Topaz vs. Citrine

Imperial topaz and citrine differ in structure and physical properties.

Imperial Topaz is a silicate mineral with a density of about 3.53g / cm3, Mohs hardness 8, a birefringence of 0.008 to 0.010, and a dispersion of 0.014.

It is relatively transparent and contains less impurities. Moreover, topaz grows vertically and its ice cracks and bats are mostly straight.

Citrine belongs to the quartz family, and its main component is silica. The density is about 2.66g / cm3, Mohs hardness is 7, birefringence is 0.009, and dispersion is 0.013.

Citrine has more ice cracks and lint than topaz and these are usually irregular. Citrine also contains inclusions, while topaz does not.

Where to buy Imperial Topaz Jewelry?

If you want to buy Imperial Topaz Jewelry for between $ 50- $ 500, you can check out Etsy. You can buy affordable and high quality topaz jewelry and deliver them to your home.

Alternatively, if you want to buy high-end or vintage imperial topaz jewelry up to $ 500- $ 10000, you can check 1stdibs.

They have GIA certified Imperial Topaz Jewelry which is delicate and one of a kind. You can quickly deliver the product to your home.

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How to recruit the best talent before your competitors even know they exist

As an entrepreneur, you know how important it is to build your sales pipeline. The question, though, is how much effort have you put into building your talent pipeline?

Brendan McGurgan argues that sustainable business success depends on those who are about to enter the workforce or those who are working elsewhere to be creatively involved with talent. McGurgan is the director and founder of Simple Scaling, the former Group Managing Director of CDE Group and the author of Simple Scaling. While with CDE Group, McGurgan helped the company generate about $ 750 million in growing revenue and $ 75 million in growing profits from more than 90 countries.

When McGurgan first dug into the CDE Group’s recruitment process, he saw a responsive process led by a team that was already overly stretched, common to many fast-growing companies. He began to change the way the CDE Group recruited and employed about 700 people in 12 years in the role he used to transform the company into a large exporting business and achieved 25 times revenue growth.

Recruitment is not HR’s job

When McGurgan was hired in 2007, CDE Group was a fast-growing engineering company with one big problem: attracting great talent. Line managers could not keep up with the growth of the CDE group because they did not have the capacity to provide increasing workload.

McGargan wanted to find the root of the problem: “If you fail to attract great talent, it almost always depends on one of three things,” McGargan explained. “Your culture is incorrect, your hiring process is not working or your employer’s price offer (EVP) is not working.”

McGurgan knew it wasn’t culture, because that was the part that attracted him to the company in the first place. When he began exploring their recruitment processes, McGurgan found an erroneous distribution of responsibilities that is common in small and medium enterprises (SMEs).

“Typically, recruitment falls within the remit of HR, which tries to fit it as a kind of secondary function,” McGurgan said. “It’s a big mistake, but there’s an easy solution to that.”

Consider a full-time employer

Recruitment is one of the most important functions of a scaling business, McGargan explains, so you need to get it right. The biggest gift you can give to a very thin stretch HR team is a full-time, dedicated employer. If you can’t afford this role now, there are other options.

“You could be involved with a local employer called RPO, or outsourcing the recruitment process,” McGurgan said. “Agencies hire resources, but they’re based on your business. It’s a service that many large recruiting agencies offer.”

Once you become an employer, you can create a resource plan for the future. There is no magic formula for figuring out how many people you should accept. The important thing is to be realistic about how long it will take them both to find the right person And Develop them as a valuable contributor. Also keep in mind that too many hiring or the wrong hiring response can be detrimental to everyone involved.

“When you’re looking to the future to establish your needs, factor in things like upcoming projects,” McGurgan advises. “You can see your plans for expansion into new sectors and new areas, as well as predict changes in those sectors.”

Another tip given by McGurgan is that if you start to achieve high growth and profit, consider the goal of employee-per-income or employee-per-profit. This would be a sweet spot for the metric. Lots of people and it becomes very rare. Very low and you risk team burnout.

Think differently about hiring

Outside of how many people you should hire, work with your employer to determine how you will find the people you need. Here’s your guess challenge. Does a new recruit really need previous experience? Can you retrain people? Can you recruit new recruits from universities and colleges?

“As my team and I went through this process, I realized that there are approximately 2,000 unfinished technology roles in Northern Ireland alone,” McGurgan said. “And yet, despite this shortcoming, the hiring of a software engineer without at least a software degree has not been heard of.”

So McGurgan sent a blanket email to all colleges in the area asking about their higher national diploma qualifications and apprentices. It kickstarted what has now become a new relationship with Newtownab’s Northern Regional College, which has benefited both their purpose and the CDE group.

Northern Regional College wanted to establish strong ties with the industry, while McGurgan wanted to expand his company’s talent pool. Together, they identified the students most likely to meet the needs of the CDE group and created an online psychometric test, which they offered to 60 course participants. The top scorers were invited for a day-long interview and evaluation, after which the top five were offered jobs.

“For the next five years, we had 100 percent recruitment from that internship program,” McGurgan revealed. “Every candidate was polished, impressive and interested.”

How can you build a strong talent pipeline?

With clear goals and some creativity, the McGurgan and CDE groups have been able to partner with the education sector to develop something more systematic that has added significant value to their talent magnetism. The problems McGurgan once saw have diminished significantly.

“Talent is shrinking and skills are changing, so you’re creative and don’t be afraid to experiment,” he said. “But first, you must be clear about what you’re looking for.”

While this may not be an educational partnership, ask yourself how you can start thinking differently about hiring. To get started, make sure the HR is not being loaded for hiring. If they are, hire an in-house recruiter or find an RPO in your area who can provide you with one. That one step alone will go a long way in fulfilling your talent pipeline.

4 reasons to buy a vehicle safety plan now will save you money in the future

Cars are full of moving parts, so wear and tear will inevitably occur. Parts associate it with the possibility of developing unexpected errors; You can reasonably expect that at some point you will need a mechanic to work on it. However, when these things happen in the first few years of your car’s life, it’s more amazing than an old, high-mileage car. Early defects in a car’s life are often covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, and if you have a vehicle safety plan, it will be covered after this period. As such, there are many reasons to take such a plan that can save you money in the long run.

Save in additional service packages

Comprehensive vehicle safety plans often include additional benefits such as Breakdown cover and car rental. Instead of paying for two separate service policies, you cover all situations with a monthly payment. You will also benefit from the convenience of dealing with just one company instead of running after the two and forgetting something important. And since it’s all in one principle, you’ll probably see the cost less than paying twice.

Plan for all budgets

Depending on the type of car you buy and what your budget allows, there are appropriate plans for everyone. If something unexpected happens to your car during a low-income period, the cost of repairs can quickly become overwhelming. Looking at various plans Tolerance costs You will quickly realize that small monthly expenses can save you from significant repair bills. If you can’t cover a large one-time payment, a small monthly payment gives you the peace of mind that your VPP will cover repairs.

More choices

Independent planners usually let you choose which service company to use. Where an adoption Extended warranty from the manufacturer Usually means you have to use their authorized provider. This lack of choice means traveling long distances to get to the nearest approved garage, which will cost a lot of gas before adding a cost mark-up. Using a reliable local repairman saves time and money and allows you to build a good relationship with them.

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Docusine yiW2yzZNnFo Unsplash minutes

Off-set high repair costs

Highly reliable cars have lower annual repair forecasts, while other models and brands (usually high-performance cars) have higher predicted annual repair costs. If you choose the next type, investing in a vehicle safety plan will significantly reduce your estimated annual repair bill. Keeping a luxury car in top condition is essential to maintaining its quality Decide to sell it At any moment. So, for an expensive car, it’s not just about looking at the cost of repair bills, but also holding on to your investment.

There are several reasons to purchase a vehicle safety plan for your motor vehicle after the manufacturer’s warranty expires. People on any budget can save themselves from large impossible repair bills and benefit from additional services like the included breakdown cover.

10 leadership conferences on your radar

Great leaders are always trying to learn how to better serve their teams and bring out the best in them. This is an ongoing goal that involves employer-employee mobility and staying on top of changes in leadership strategies and tactics. While articles and books can provide helpful insights, I find that leadership conferences offer something that written words cannot.

In my experience, conferences have a power and excitement about them because attendees and speakers learn from each other in real time. The conference environment also creates opportunities for two-way conversation and long-term connection. I found these encounters to be one of the best ways to get real-world advice.

Such events are important for leaders who want to stay ahead of the trend, get effective tips and make a difference. Here are the conferences that I think should be on your radar, and which are still going on during this challenging epidemic.

For 14 years, Ernst & Young’s Strategic Growth Forum has brought together company CEOs across the country. The motto of the Strategic Growth Forum is to build a better working world for all. Participants can feel the panels with thought leaders, keynote speeches and networking sessions.

This year’s Strategic Growth Forum will welcome animated discussions with C-Suite executives and entrepreneurs specializing in high-growth initiatives. The conference will also feature stimulating sessions with industry leaders such as agribusiness, financial services, improved manufacturing and mobility, health and life sciences.

Forbes hosts a variety of top events, such as their Under 30 Summit and their Small Business Summit. I’ve participated in several of them and have had a great experience each time. The speaker lineup is always strong, and they offer a variety of options so you can choose the best event (or events) for you.

When you click on the link above, you will see the various events and the speakers and facilities they offer. The good thing about them is that Forbes has also established content channels that allow you to follow relevant content around these communities.

The Incorporated 5000 Conference is a three-day event with high-profile and legendary business leaders. Past discussions have included tips on overcoming supply chain challenges, important and rapid growth to navigate, and startup development tips. Outside of enlightened sessions with experts, there are peer and facilitator-led networking opportunities.

Although this year’s speaker lineup hasn’t been announced, it’s important for Inc. to bring dreamers to the table. Promises to fulfill its reputation. Last year’s conference included virtual and personal options. With epidemic-related restrictions and easing of concerns, I hope this year’s event will see more attendance in person. Inc. 5000 is definitely the place for entrepreneurs and startup founders.

Does your brand and your digital content deal with personal money? FinCon is a conference that explores how private finance companies can create better digital content and reach more people.

FinCon emphasizes networking and collaboration opportunities and learning sessions with industry champions. This year’s speaker lineup includes Alison Baggerley, Clark Howard and Anthony O’Neill.

This year’s SXSW conference has already been held in March. Fortunately, the always exciting event is still available to watch online. You can also start planning 2023 private and virtual rallies next spring.

The event’s replay session includes learning tracks in a variety of creative areas, such as advertising and brand experience, film and television, gaming, and civic engagement. The main presentations focus on technology, culture, music and film. You’ll hear from musical icons, gaming industry leaders, best-selling authors, and advertising storytellers.

Get on the 2023 waitinglist for three days and nights of thought leadership, interactive programs, and outdoor activities. This conference is for investors, funders, executives and entrepreneurs who want to push the envelope. Discussions centered on innovation, breaking new ground and discovering new horizons in the business world.

In this event, you will go through four days of learning from the best content marketers and networking with partner digital content creators.

Discovering how to grow your business through engaging and effective content is also on the agenda. Choose from over 100 forums, workshops and sessions, customize your conference schedule according to the topic and the skills of each speaker. And if you can’t attend in person, there’s a virtual option.

The conflict is over what is happening in technology and industry. Learning sessions focus on the uncertainties and challenges that technology companies face.

The conference attracted more than 1,200 journalists from leading companies and prominent global publications. Also, there are networking and lead gene opportunities for those who want to build community connections. The conference has more than 600 speakers, including Nicholas Carey of Blockchain.

Summit Palm Desert offers a multi-disciplinary series of discussions, performances and health and mindfulness sessions. The conference brings together experts and thoughtful leaders from the business, music and visual industries to achieve health and happiness. The session included notable speakers and leaders, such as Jeffrey Katzenberg, former CEO of DreamWorks.

Hawkefest was launched by Los Angeles-based Hawke Media and was during LA eCommerce Week in the past. This is a great event for marketing leaders, especially those in the ecommerce space.

I was a keynote speaker at this event a few years ago and it usually has an impressive group of speakers ranging from celebrity NBA stars to media CEOs in the media and ecommerce space.

The months ahead will likely prove challenging for business leaders, promising continued epidemic recovery যদিও although it may be appropriate িত combined with significant economic uncertainty. Conferences are an opportunity to learn from colleagues, find out what’s working in a real-world environment, and prepare for the unexpected. Choose one or more to offer insights and sessions that can benefit your work and vision the most.

What is a mood ring?

There are many special and popular jewelry in the world, Signet Ring, Jultanite Ring, Snake Ring, Mood Ring to name a few.

For example, zultanite jewelry and alexandrite jewelry can take different colors in different light.

Outside under the clear sky, a light yellow glossy rich champagne appears on the zultanite; Inside the house under traditional lighting, it turns into a kiwi green color; And under the candlelight, it emits an orange light.

Meanwhile, signet rings have been used as stamps since ancient times.

Mood rings, today’s focus, are also very special. They can change the color according to the emotion of the wearer.

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What is a mood ring?

A mood ring is a piece of jewelry that The wearer changes color according to body temperature and emotion. It is made of temperature-sensitive materials and metals.

This color-changing feature makes it a very popular part of jewelry and a great gift for anyone you like.

Mood ring color

Mood rings show different colors according to the wearer’s body temperature, including purple, green, blue, black, yellow, red, pink, brown etc. Different colors have different meanings.

Mood ring color means

What does color on a mood ring mean? Here is a complete list of the meanings of mood ring colors.

  • Purple mood ring means: romantic, passionate, excited, happy.
  • Green mood rings mean: curious, mixed emotions, relaxed.
  • Blue mood ring means: calm, relaxed, inspired, happy.
  • What does black on a mood ring mean: melancholy, exciting, nervous, painful.
  • What does pink on a mood ring mean: loving, happy,
  • What does brown on a mood ring mean: alert, anxious, brave.
  • What does orange on a mood ring mean: nervous, anxious, upset.
  • What does yellow on a mood ring mean: excited, restless, anxious.
  • Amber: Slightly restless or anxious, unhappy.
  • Gray: Very restless or anxious.
  • Red: Anxious, angry, intense, high energy.

How does a mood ring work?

Mood ring color and meaning: What is a mood ring?

Etsy Color Changing Mood Ring $ 25, shop now.

Mood rings are made from color-changing liquid crystals or “mood stones”, which are sensitive to temperature. They change color based on the wearer’s finger temperature, which is greatly influenced by his or her emotions.

In detail, since body temperature is significantly determined by peripheral blood flow, which is corrected by the autonomic nervous system, we can say that when a person’s mood changes, body temperature fluctuates and thus mood rings depend on different colors. By The wearer’s passion.

However, it should be noted that the ring changes color not only according to body temperature, but also according to the environment.

For example, when our body temperature is normal and we are indoors, the ring is usually blue, meaning happy and relaxed.

However, when we go outside and the temperature rises, the ring also changes color. Those who do not know the inside story may think that their mood has changed, but it was not true.

Where to buy high quality mood rings?

If you want to buy handmade mood rings from artisans, from 10- $ 50, you can check out Etsy.

You can buy a purple mood ring, a blue mood ring, a sterling silver mood ring, a men’s mood ring or even a mood necklace that is affordable and of high quality and can be delivered to your home.

If you prefer fast delivery, Amazon is a good choice. With Amazon, returns and refunds are much easier so you can make sure you get the right product.

Our proposed mood rings

il 1588xN.1181620369 ai9c e1656529502959

Etsy 14K Goldfield Mood Ring $ 57, shop now.

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Screenshot 2020 09 09 at9.45.03AM 1296x

il 1588xN.2255159931 odqz

Etsy Handmade Vintage Style Mood Ring $ 38, shop now.

he 1588xN.3570871634 t2rr

Etsy Mood Ring for, 25 in Gold, Rose Gold or Silver, shop now.

il 1588xN.3516090211 bms1 e1656526605214

Etsy Stainless Steel Retro Vintage Mood Ring $ 5, shop now.

51dscTp5rrL.  AC UL640 FMwebp QL65 1

Amazon Rose Gold Heart Mood Ring $ 15, shop now.

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Eight tips for moving away from a transaction-first sales mentality

For quotas to reach and profits, it can be easy for a sales team to zero in on a “now deal” mentality regarding consumer relations. While this mentality makes for quick sales and easy wins, it can also bring bad taste in the mouths of customers.

Building strong consumer relationships promotes customer loyalty and allows them to share their satisfaction with other potential consumers. So, to help your sales staff move from a transactional mindset to a focus on building consumer relationships, the eight members of the Young Entrepreneur Council share their best tips below.

1. Use data

Data original. We show the team less time to make additional discoveries and connections and consequently to make sales transactions. When we invest more time in the front end, we drive out customers who are not suitable for us, have low returns and have high value sales. Showing like big results when closing helps our team. – Marjorie Adams, Forlane

2. Focus on the big picture

Your sales team doesn’t need to focus on the next sale; They need to focus on the next 10. Is customer service the best? Are you upselling? Are you building a somewhat personal relationship? The answers to these questions and much more will help you build a “deal now” mentality and more. – Andrew Shrez, Money Crushers Personal Finance

3. Change your stimulus structure

If your sales strategy is predicted on quotas, your sales staff will now focus on transactions. By building relationships and encouraging brand loyalty and shifting to solution-finding to stop selling, you remove the burden of time. Sales of SEO services and digital marketing solutions have long been about the game, and our incentive structure reflects this. – Matthew Capala, Alphamatic

4. Encourage specific customer metrics

Encourage repeat customer metrics as well as new customer acquired metrics. We tend to divide our customers within our sales team and review sales by customers every quarter. When repeat sales are low, we follow up by asking team members how many times they have reached the customer. This encourages repeat sales and indirectly forces them to build a relationship. – Kripa Shroff, a multinational LLC

5. Demonstrate the value of building relationships

One way to help your sales staff move from the “Transact Now” mentality is to explain the value of building relationships with qualified leads. You can host a short virtual training session for your team and discuss the strategic and statistical benefits of believing with the prospect. Be sure to encourage your team by providing real life example situations and solutions. – Chris Christoph, Monster Insights

6. Lead by example

You need to lead by example and show your sales staff that building relationships is more important than just making a quick sale. Explain the benefits of taking a long-term approach and focus on developing relationships with potential customers. Then, provide them with the tools and resources they need to succeed, such as customer data access, social media monitoring tools, and customer relationship management software. – Syed Balkhi, WP Beginner

7. Invest in the future

Get ready for tomorrow. When your focus is on the future, your daily interactions become a tool for building connections to build a stronger tomorrow. Invest in customers and transactions so that they stay with you for a lifetime. This simple change of mindset will help make the customer feel important and build a lifelong relationship with your brand. – Mary Harcourt, Cosmoglo

8. Build conversations

A key step in moving from transaction to engagement is to encourage conversation. Although the “now transaction” relies on a one-way, linear conversation model, engagement is necessarily more dynamic and multidimensional. To do this, use the chat, video and shareable features on your page and social media channels. It breaks down the one-way communication model to create lasting relationships. – Shu Saito, all filters